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Spoil yourself with choice. Fun and functionality come together in our ranges containing some of the most potent natural ingredients in absolutely delightful formulas. There is a world waiting to be explored!

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Green Tea

Non-comedogenic, alcohol-free, light and immensely suited for oily skin. Green tea is one of the richest natural sources of antioxidants, and controls sebum oxidation thus helping control acne. Pick a Green Tea Plum now!



Hello Aloe

A plum take on aloe. Caring, soothing, with oodles of aloe juice. Good for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. Light & fresh for daily use in tropical weather, includes our best-selling organic-certified day moisturizer.



Eye Makeup

The most colorful plums ever! Start with our much-loved 100% natural “Angel Eyes” Kohl Kajal, or the 100% smudge-proof NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal. Accessorized them with the dual-sized Posh Pencil Sharpener that comes with a spill-proof cover and cleaning stick - in official Plum colors!

Grape seed & sea buckthorn

For the first time ever, a potent coming together of grape seed & sea buckthorn oils. Both ultra-rich in antioxidants and essential skin nutrients. A delightful for combination to dry skin to combat the elements, naturally.




Impress neighbor with visibly younger skin. 2x fairer skin (use shade card) in 3 days (not even 4!). Actually, none of the above. Simply indulge in the yummiest chocolate ever with real cocoa butter inside!