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Body butter or body lotion? 3 questions to help you choose!

Plum Blog

You love the convenience of a body lotion, but crave the pampering of a body butter. Undecided which one to choose? Or maybe both? Here are 3 questions to ask, that will help you decide!

1. How dry is your skin?

Plum Body Lotions vs Body Butters

So this one's obvious. The drier your skin, the heavier the lotion you should pick. If you're experiencing moderate to severe dryness, then go for the butter. Eyes closed. If you find butters too heavy for day time use, you can mix it up with a lotion during the day and butter during the night. And always use a body moisturizer (especially butters) right after a shower. It helps the lotion/butter seal the moisture into your skin, giving immediate relief from dryness. 

2. Do you have body acne?

Plum Body lotions Vs Body butters

Body acne is irritating and painful, and the reasons are less obvious than facial acne. (Got facial acne? Check this out) If you are prone to body acne, skip the butters and stick to lotions. It reduces chances of clogged pores and excess oiliness that can aggravate body acne. 

3. Are you looking for added benefits ?

Plum Body lotions Vs Body butters

It's tougher to add benefits (such as SPF, after-sun care, treating skin ailments) into butters for 2 reasons:

- Their formulation is inherently oil-phase dominated and pose a challenge when you have to balance out hydration efficacy and other benefits

- More importantly, by their very nature, butters are occlusive - that is are designed not to allow stuff to pass out of (and therefore into) skin. So your skin ain't going to absorb much of what's put inside the butter such as SPF or sun-care. (read more on sun protection here)
So lotion it is, if you are looking for body products with benefits!

Bonus: Technical trivia: is a body butter just a thicker lotion?

Plum Body lotions Vs Body butters

No. It's not just the consistency that's thicker. Inherently heavier oils and butters, and more of them, are usually part of body butter formulations, to help the skin retain as much moisture as possible. Lotions can vary all the way from a light gel texture to slightly heavier emulsions. 

Got other questions? Bring them on - look for the comment box below!


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