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Simplifying the scrub aisle, inside-out

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So you’ve heard of all the benefits of a body scrub, and arrived at the conclusion that you need one! But you’re clueless about what kind to pick? Fret not! You’re sure to find your perfect one, at the end of this rigorous post…

So what does a body scrub actually do?
Plum blogs

A scrub typically comes with an abrasive texture, which is meant to ‘scrub’ away dead skin cells, and help with blood circulation.
Scrubs come in various forms and types; facial scrubs are much more gentler than body scrubs.
When it comes to body scrubs, there are manual body scrubbers and exfoliants.

Tell me about the type of exfoliant scrubs

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Exfoliant scrubs are creme or gel-based formulas that come in both foaming and non-foaming variety. These are loaded with microbeads that slough off impurities off your skin while giving your skin a buff and a massage. Gel-based formulas (P.S. Check out our Wild Cherries and Kiwi Body Scrub) are more suitable for people with normal to oily skin, while people with dry-skin should opt for a creme-based formula.

Ok, so do I need to use a body scrub? 

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Yes, you do! Just like your face, the body collects layers of grime and impurities, everyday! For healthy skin-regeneration, it’s vital to get rid of impurities and dead skin. What's more? Regularly scrubbing your arms and legs also helps to get rid of those pesky ingrown hair. That’s surely a win-win!

Tell me about the types of exfoliant body scrubs

The key to harnessing the most amount of benefits from a scrub is picking the right type for your skin’s needs. Here’s a quick guide on the types of scrubs

  • Sugar Scrub
  • Plum blogs

    The most common kind of scrub, that suits all skin types, a sugar scrub has solid granules of sugar which physically exfoliates dead skin cells and lifts off the build-up of pollutants and skin impurities. These scrubs are fairly simple to make, if you are in the mood for some DIY, and trust us, it’s a ‘sweet’ deal for how simple it is.

  • Salt Scrub
  • Plum blogs

    If you have skin that is dry and calloused in places, this one’s your best bet. A salt scrub is slightly more coarse than a sugar scrub, and is also known to give your skin a good detox. Dead skin stands no chance again this fierce fighter!

  • Coffee Scrub
  • Plum blogs

    If a cappuccino is your pick-me-up, and skin pigmentation is a solid issue, you’re going to go gaga over this one. More often than not, a coffee scrub smells heavenly while imparting it’s killer exfoliating properties, but what’s more? This one makes cellulite disappear off your skin, if only you give it enough time and patience. You may want to try our Vienna Coffee Body Scrub if you’re looking to fall in love!

  • Herbal Scrub
  • Plum blogs

    The plus one that herbal scrubs bring along, are its’ healing and calming properties. Orange peel and lavender flower are common ingredients of herbal scrubs. These are formulated for all skin types, so your best bet is to read the label. The right concoction can give you more than one skincare benefits, so you’re in for a good rub, with this one!
  • Grain, fiber, nut & seed
  • Plum blogs

    Another popular scrub on the shelves, for dry-skin woes again, contains finely crushed powder of nuts/ shells or grains with an oil or cream base. This scrub gets the job done to the T while the formula is convenient to control as the granules can be as fine as required.

    We hope this guide makes you well-equipped to tackle the ever-impending question of ‘which one’s right for me?’. Plus, you can always show-off your knowledge and help a friend in need!
    Happy Scrubbing!

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