From bookworm to body builder-Jinni Gogia Chugh- Plumster of the month – Plum Goodness
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From bookworm to body builder- Jinni Gogia Chugh- Plumster of the month

Hey there!

In our many interactions with Plumsters over email, chat, WhatsApp, Facebook etc, we realised that a lot of you have very interesting stories and come from absolutely varied worlds. Hence we, Plum People, decided that every month, we will feature a Plum lover, loyal customer- who we fondly call - Plumster on our blog and inspire all you readers!  

You know those dreams you have for yourself? The dreams that have always been nagging you. That little voice at the back of your head always telling you to do THAT ONE THING you have always wanted to do but never got around doing it. You think you might just ace it if you tried it out but you never took that plunge! Well we have a story for you of our very own Plumster, Jinni Gogia Chugh, who took that plunge and thinks it was totally worth it!


JinniAn English teacher based out of Delhi, Jinni has authored around 21 books and holds three post graduate degrees. She loves reading, and writing is her passion. A year ago, she ordered a book on fitness and that happened to be the turning point in her life. She was inspired to take up fitness as a profession and has reached such a level today that she represents India on an international platform.

“I always wanted to be thin and started off with a simple weight training program” says Jinni. Fitness is today her passion and profession and she is today, one of the country’s top 5 woman fitness professionals as rated by the Body Power Expo, Mumbai and has represented India in the ‘Model Physique’ category.

When she’s not lifting weights, Jinni enjoys writing and is currently working on 2 books. She also plans to write books on fitness in the future.

Jinni says her family has been pretty supportive in her journey from a bookworm to a body builder.



Plum Quick 5:

  1. Highpoint in Life: Birth of my daughter
  2. Mantra in life: Always follow the path you want to. Never give up. Do what you are truly passionate about!
  3. How do you spread goodness: I believe in doing good but not talking about it.
  4. Change you want to bring about in the world: Change people’s attitude. Everyone should live and let live
  5. Favorite Plum Pick: Choco-Latte Smudge-Free Hand cream. It’s simply the best! I’ve tried so many brands but nothing to match this product.


Hope Jinni's story inspires you to reach for your dreams!

If you think you have an interesting life and would like to be featured here, do write in to us at and we’ll be in touch!

Until next time..See ya!