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Choosing eye makeup: liquid & gel liners

Choosing eye makeup eye liners, kajal
Hello folks! This time it's back to our eye makeup series, and continuing our first post on eye pencils and kajals, we talk about two related products: LIQUID & GEL EYE LINERS. How do you know if you need one in your makeup drawer? Read on to find out things you need to know before you go for one of those cute-looking containers...
Let's look at the advantages of liquid and gel eyeliners over pencils, the disadvantages, and the criteria for choosing between liquid liners, gel liners and pencils.

Advantages of choosing liquid eyeliners:

Liquid eye liners
Liquid eyeliners offer the following advantages:
  1. Better definition than pencils. Remember the difference between using a felt-tip marker and a color pencil while you were a student? If you want thin, dramatic lines, then liquid liners are for you
  2. Lasts longer. Although pencils have improved vastly in their long-lasting-ness, they still cannot beat liquid liners when it comes to staying through the day
  3. Depth of shades. Pencils are good for a few shades, such as  black and a few blue shades. If you really want an intense, deep color, then you are more likely to be satisfied by liquid liners.

    Gel liners offer the following advantages, over and above liquid liners:

    Gel eye liners
    1. Mostly suitable for waterline application. Check out our first post in this series to understand this.
    2. More waterproof and longer lasting. If you want the longest lasting, most intense look, go for gel eye liners
    3. More flexible use. Gel eyeliners, because they come in pot format, lend themselves to blending and for use in highlighting and as an eyeshadow base. Liquid liners pretty much do one thing - and that is to define your eyes. Pencils can be tried on as eye shadows but you need skill and practice.

    Pencils are the easiest to use...

    Eye pencil
    1. Ease of use and removal. Eye pencils and the kajal pencils, including the sharpening variety, are much easier to use and easier to maintain than liquid/gel eye liners. No fumbling with brushes and easier to correct if wrongly applied. Typically doesn't need a makeup remover to be used. 
    2. Less expensive. Typically, you can buy two or more pencils for the price of a liner. No?
    3. Do not dry up. It's never easy to figure out how much liner is left to be used, particularly for liquid liners. If you don't close the liquid liner cap properly, you can say goodbye to that expensive purchase fairly quickly. And don't ever try and dilute the thing with water or any other solvent. Eye cosmetics need utmost care and hygiene.
    4. More natural. We have to caveat this: there are natural liquid liners available, but you can't beat an all-natural kajal when it comes to being natural.

    So which one should you choose?

    1. If you are a beginner / want minimum fuss, go for a good pencil or a kajal. Make sure you understand the difference between waterline and non-waterline use. Read our post if you aren't sure.
    2. If you want dramatic definition, go for liquid liners. They will serve you well
    3. If you want dramatic definition + waterline use + flexibility to blend it in, go for gel eye liners.
    Hope this helps you choose the next time, let us know what you think. We are on FacebookTwitter and on Email.


    Cheers, Be Good!