November 16, 2014


Plum is going on Amazon!

Hey Plum Lovers, Plum is going places, and guess where we just arrived...! That's correct - Plums can now also be picked from Amazon (click here to check out the Plummest page on Amazon), in addition to being available from your favorite website. This simply means that we've made it even more convenient for even more people to pick their favorite Plums along with the rest of their shopping. Read on to learn more...


What's the idea?
Quite simple, really. Plums just became more widely available!

Can I still buy online from
Yes, of course. You can continue to pick from We've just made it more widely available through our tie-up with Amazon.

Who fulfills my Amazon orders?
Plums picked from are sold by a registered seller on Amazon and fulfilled by Amazon. Plums picked from continue to be shipped by us directly.

Are deals and coupons valid on
No, and neither are promos valid on

Where should I buy?
Both places :) We don't have a preference on where you pick your Plums from. Simply pick the one that you like and/or is more convenient.

If I have product queries who should I reach?
You can continue to reach us through our connect page.

Who should I contact for order-related queries?
For orders, you should contact, and for orders placed from, you should get in touch with us

Happy shopping. Be good!

About Plum

Plum GoodnessInspired by global best practices in safe natural cosmetics and beauty solutions, Plum is an exclusive, online-only beauty brand. At Plum, we bring together science and product expertise in a harmonious blend. And we give back to nature as much as we take. Designed in London and in the EU, all Plum products are 100% vegan and free of Parabens, DEP, DBP, Propylene Glycol, SLS, PABA, DEA and other harmful chemicals. Plum is available directly from Click here to explore our product range.


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