5 easy hacks for awesome-looking hands!

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Our hands (besides our eyes) are an important part of our body language. But they also go through a lot. Hand soaps, detergents, changing temperatures, scraping, chafing and what not. All this can lead to tired, ragged looking hands that, well, don't quite complement the rest of your persona. How about a few easy hacks to keep your hands looking great - through all the rough and tumble?

Hack 1: Watch that hand wash

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We wash hands on an average 7 to 10 times a day, most of it with hand wash. Stay away from hand washes that contain soap (or ingredients like lauric acid or coconut oil which are used to make soap). Soap, as we know, strips essential lipids from the skin, reducing its ability to retain moisture. The result - overdried hands. Choose handwashes with modern surfactants like glucosides, or sarcosinates in them. 

Hack 2: Moisturize more often than face

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We moisturize our face twice a day, mostly. But remember that the face is relatively untouched. Our hands, however, come in contact with surfaces throughout, which means that they need to be moisturized much more often than your face. Using a moisturizer on your hands every 6 hours is a good idea. Of course, in drier weather, you might want to increase frequency.

Hack 3: Cream after wash

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It's a great idea to use a hand cream when your hands are slightly wet after washing. The cream seals the moisture into your skin, keeping it well hydrated for hours to come.

Hack 4: Avoid hand sanitizers if you can

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They're convenient, effective and literally life-savers. However, alcohol is enemy no. 1 for your skin's health. Minimize use of hand sanitizers. If you must use, then follow on with a moisturizer as soon as you can.

Hack 5: Don't forget exfoliation

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It's funny that we use our hands to exfoliate our face and body, but often forget to exfoliate our hands! Sloughing off dead cells, followed by moisturization, is a sure-shot way to skin that's healthy and hydrated. Any good body scrub, followed by a hand cream should do the job!

Properly moisturized hands is 90% of the battle won. And like everything else about skin care, taking care of hands needs a bit of discipline, but is actually quite easy to do. Got any hand-care hacks of your own to share? Go on and leave a comment!


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