Let's Gotu Kola? This "cool" herb has more than just a cool name...

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Hey there, folks! Asia is a treasure house of plants with benefits. From the mighty sea buckthorn to the beloved green tea to the potent ginkgo, one can spend a lifetime discovering these superheroes. But when you come across a name like "gotu kola", it's natural to get a bit intrigued, isn't it? Here's the lowdown on this wonder herb - it's indeed as cool as it sounds! 


What is gotu kola?

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Gotu Kola (botanical name: Centella asiatica, common name: Asiatic pennywort) is a small herbacious creeper, native to South and Southeast Asia. It is an edible plant and the leaves are consumed by both animals (particularly elephants) and humans alike. It is also celebrated as "the fountain of life" in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Is it the same as "brahmi" in India?  

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No. While Gotu Kola is sometimes referred to as "Brahmi" by Ayurvedic practitioners (esp. in North India), botanically they're different. Gotu Kola = Centella asiatica, Brahmi = Bacopa monnieri.

Enough latin. what's good about gotu?

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When consumed internally, Gotu Kola is great for improving blood circulation, and aiding memory, among other benefits.
Applied on skin, gotu kola is known to help regenerate collagen (building block of skin) and help in wound healing (think after-sun care). It also helps reduce inflammation of skin. All in all, a great healer. Would make a great combination with aloe and chamomile... what say?


Is gotu kola safe?   

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For skincare use, absolutely. There are no known side effects - just good stuff!
For internal consumption, it's best to consult experts before you consume - out of abundant precaution.


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