10 commandments for sensitive skin

This time we’ve got you a rule book you can blindly follow if you have sensitive skin. But before we get into the rules, how do you know if your skin is sensitive? Unlike dry and oily skin, there are no standalone visible signs of sensitive skin.

You know you have sensitive skin when…

  • Even the most-accepted skin care products sting when you use them.
  • Your skin feels uncomfortable applying even the most popular & recommended products. Read more..

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What? Pure aloe gel is NOT a complete moisturizer?

Skin feels dry after using aloe vera gel

Hello people! This week, one of Plum's fans asked a very interesting question on Plum's Facebook page: "I tried applying aloe vera gel directly... but it dries my skin. Why?". Sounds strange compared to everything we know about aloe, right? Well, it turns out it's actually keen observation on her part - and there's a simple, scientific reason why this is happening. The reply would be useful to a lot of you, hence thought of sharing it through this post. Read more...

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Lesser known facts about aloe

Aloe vera
Hello again! I'm sure you've come across pop-science articles, websites and grandmother stories on the benefits of aloe, how safe and effective it is when taken internally and externally, how easy it is to grow aloe... and so on. Without repeating stuff that you can easily ask Google (or your grandmother), we've put together some of the lesser-known facts about this wonder plant for you...

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