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Complete guide to Vitamin C

One ingredient that has taken the front row seat in the skincare game to ‘C’ the spotlight is Vitamin C aka L-ascorbic acid. While this antioxidant is brimming with countless benefits attached to it, we thought we could take you through a complete tour guide to C what's in store!

What's in store C?

Delivers a glow that's unmatched:

It's the best active to make sure you don't  have a dull looking day and lets your skin glow and how! (makes your day less gloomy too just make sure you wait for 2 weeks to see your results)

Protection against environmental stressors:

This all rounder stands as a protective layer to protect your skin from sun damage and free radicals.(Free radicals are UV rays, stress, smog, smoke etc from the environment: We will make sure you don't have to google anything here)  

Reduces pigmentation 

It is also a fighter that helps reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

Lets C the difference in our formulation

This water soluble ingredient is available in various forms and is also naturally present in fruits and veggies. The most stable form of Vitamin C and the purest form of the same is ethyl ascorbic acid. It's the most biologically active and well studied form of Vitamin C. Plum’s all new 15% Vitamin C face serum with Mandarin comes with 15% active ethyl ascorbic acid.

Why 15%? 

The effectiveness of any Vitamin C serum is best understood with its stable formulation and concentration. 15% is the best achieved percentage for deep penetration and easy absorption. While there might be other brands with Vitamin C serums with more or less concentration, it's important to have a stable percentage with necessary natural ingredients that balance and enhance its performance.To all math lovers and chemistry enthus we will break down this percentage for you.15% EAA is 17.5% EAA which contains 86% Vitamin C (It's the perfect formulation to penetrate deeply into the skin)

Absorption of Vitamin C also depends on the the pH level of the product and we fall in the sweet spot between 4-5  which is optimal as our skin’s pH is mostly in the range of 4.5-5.5

Crafted with the best of science and nature

To further boost this performance we have japanese mandarins and kakadu plums which are rich in Vitamin C. Since this ingredient is naturally so good, it's best formulated with natural ingredients like mandarins that boost the collagen production in skin and kakadu plums that fight sun damage. From the lab we have carefully picked solvents like ethoxydiglycol, ingredients like propanediol to ensure easy absorption into the skin, betaine for hydration and rose extracts to leave a soothing experience and make your skin feel nourished, glowing and supple. This glow potion is colorless, sulphate-free, phthalate-free, fragrance-free,  with no unnecessary essential oils and is 100% vegan (just like our other plums)

Layering and use:

The benefits of this magical potion aka Vitamin C serum are a lot but one needs to be careful while using this ingredient with other ingredients/ skincare products. As a thumb rule, always apply on a cleansed face by taking a few drops and patting onto your skin. Apply on your entire face and for best results you can use the same twice a day. If you wish to apply in the morning it's best to apply after your cleanser and toner but before your moisturiser and SPF. At nighttime you can apply after your cleanser and toner but before your acne creams/ night gel


Safe skin types for Vitamin C

This hero product is safe to use on all skin types : oily, dry or combination. It's best advised to do a patch test and for those with hypersensitive skin you may experience minor irritation in rare cases (its best to discontinue in that case).

Vitamin C’s BFF

This ingredient is best paired with a sunscreen that will help the duo fight against the UV rays and neutralise the free radical damage. You can also combine Vitamin C serum with hyaluronic acid (a soothing and hydrating combo),  peptides, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. But let's remember, minimal is the key to good skincare and hence mixing it with chemical exfoliants or too many other potents can do more harm than good.


You can store this cutie in a cool dry place, away from heat/ sunlight to prevent it from oxidation. This ingredient is notoriously unstable and sensitive to light and that can cause it to degrade quickly. Fortunately our Vitamin C serum comes in an amber colored bottle to protect this glow buddy. 

There you have it, the perfect guide to Vitamin C. All you need to do now is shop for plum’s new cutie (15% Vitamin C face serum with Mandarin) and glow away to glory!