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Pigmentation: here's what you can do

Pigmentation: here's what you can do

Fact 1: Uneven pigmentation causes uneven skin tone and dark spots.

Fact 2: Pigmentation is natural.

Fact 3: Something can be done about it. Read on!

First things first, the skin’s color is imparted by a pigment known as melanin, naturally produced in skin. When all is well, the skin gets an even color, or tone. When the melanin production cycle gets hampered due to some reason, pigmentation occurs.

Why does this happen? There are many reasons, but 3 are most common:

Reason # 1: Excessive sun exposure 

The sun's UV rays can cause a host of problems to skin, and one of them is dark spots. Most of the time, this damage occurs in skin that is exposed, like the face, neck, and arms, in the form of patches. On the face, the patches usually form around the forehead, under-eyes, lips or on the back of the neck. They can also form on shoulders and forearms. 

Reason # 2: Excessive pollution

Excessive Pollution

Pollution is something that is now almost unavoidable. Chemicals from polluted air, once deposited on skin, increase oxidative processes that in turn can lead to patches on the skin (among other skin issues). 

Reason # 3: Hormonal changes

 Hormonal Changes

As one matures and undergoes changes such as pregnancy, menstruation or menopause, hyper -pigmentation and extreme dryness are very common.

    So yes, uneven skin tone happens. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be prevented or managed! Let’s see how:

    5 Ways You can Reduce/Prevent Pigmentation

    1. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!


      Cleanse daily with a face wash well-suited for your skin type. Also, don't ever sleep with makeup on! Use a makeup remover/cleansing lotion/cleansing balm for makeup removal.

      Rule of thumb:

      oily skin: face wash that removes excess oil

      dry skin: non-drying face wash

      Go for cleansers with natural ingredients like aloe vera, green tea extracts, chamomile, etc.

      2. Exfoliate weekly


        Exfoliation is the next step beyond cleansing to tackle pigmentation and gradually even out your skin tone. Done weekly, it also helps:

        • clean up make-up, dust and grime that have entered the skin's deeper layers
        • deep cleanse the skin's pores
        • keep your skin clear, healthy, renewed and free of dead cells

        Use a gentle scrub or a clay mask with brightening ingredients like licorice & Vit B3. 

        3. We all scream for sunscreen

        Sun Protection

          Sunscreens are also a must in case of sun exposure, to prevent sun spots, dark patches/pigmentation, sun burns and other such skin concerns. Prevent pigmentation through sun exposure by ensuring you use a sunscreen with adequate sun protection.

            4. Pick antioxidants & natural do-gooders


              Nature is full of chemistry that can restore the balance within your skin and help it fight free radicals and hormonal imbalances. Vit C, Vit E, Vit B3, natural extracts like sea buckthorn, green tea and pomegranate, and bio-scientific extracts like plant stem cells and supercritical extracts of berries can go a long way in fighting uneven pigmentation.

              Also remember – a serum is almost a must if you want to feed these concentrated ingredients to your skin, and a moisturizer should ideally be used to seal in the goodness.

              5. Moisturize


              As mentioned in the above, point, follow up your serum with a moisturizer best suited for your skin type.

              Rule of thumb:

              oily skin: gel-based moisturizers

              dry skin: creams

              No matter what the concern is, there’s always hope when you follow a patient, disciplined, scientific skin care regime. See you again in our next blog post. Until then let's stay in touch on Instagram! We’re on @plumgoodness

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