Cleanse + Target duo for acne-prone skin

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Acne-essentials combo
Take the fight with acne to the next level, with this combo of a deep cleansing face wash, and an acne & spots specialist. Green tea, glycolic acid and salicylic acid along with loads of other potent plant ingredients work hard to deep cleanse and help combat acne.



At this special price, you get:

Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face WashGreen Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash (75 ml): Mild, gentle cleansing formula with organic green tea extracts, glycolic acid and mild, natural cellulose scrub (not scratchy, artificial plastic). The first step to a clear complexion starts with the right face wash. Click here for product details and

Plum Cleanse + Target duo for acne-prone skinGreen Tea Clear Spot-Light Gel(15ml): Clear skin should be your right, not a daily fight! But tackling active acne and acne scars takes a lot.. which is why this lovingly created spot specialist is loaded with 17 powerful botanical actives and lots of "good science", designed to have a safe go at acne at every stage of the process. It’s time to be spotlight ready, spotlessly! Click here for product details & reviews.





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Great for:  Acne-prone skin. Works on cystic acne too


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Cleanse + Target duo for acne-prone skin

Haven't tried the facewash but the spot treatment is 👏👏

Awesome all in one spot treatment, great going.

Love the spot treatment cream! Repurchased the face wash 4 times!!

I saw an immediate effect after using the spot treatment. Applied the cream only on active acne/ acne scars at night and the next morning itself I saw an amazing effect. Scars had faded significantly and active acne also shrank a lot and became a lot less red. Not drying like the hydrogen peroxide or retinol creams which dermatologists suggest. The only two factors not great are that it's sticky which I don't mind that much but it could get better. And second being that it's too pricey. Got it on sale but without sale I don't think I'll spend so much. Love the face wash. It's the only one I use. After trying it just once, I was hooked. Has little granules for mild exfoliation which is great. Love the green tea line.

Highly effective

Acne marks are dissapearing....


The facewash is mild yet deeply cleanses without leaving the skin dry. And the spot corrector works actually on active pimples

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