Summer Essentials

Hello Aloe "Calm This Way" Soothing Gel
calm is the new cool it's not just you who gets stressed, it’s your skin too. environmental stressors and a hectic lifestyle spare no one. this intricately designed gel with oodles of aloe juice, biosugars, and other natural do-gooders takes...
Rs. 575.00
chamomile & white tea Pre & Post Sun Specialist Duo
Rs. 1,225.00 Rs. 1,040.00
Pre & Post Sun Specialist Duo
Let's make summers happy again! For summers as harsh as the great Indian summer, you need skincare that's got you covered from start to finish. This combo of a sun protection body lotion & a post-sun recovery body gel will...
Rs. 1,225.00 Rs. 1,040.00
Chamomile & White Tea Chamomile & White Tea After-Sun Recovery Body Gel
Rs. 575.00
Chamomile & White Tea After-Sun Recovery Body Gel
Recover. Set. Go. Days in the sun should be nothing but fun. But after-sun redness, rashes, skin irritation, and sun burns can spoil the after-party. Antioxidants, bio-sugars, and countless natural actives packed in this lightweight gel help calm, cool, hydrate...
Rs. 575.00
Chamomile & White Tea Sun-Buddy Body Lotion SPF 30 PA+++
Girls just wanna have “Sun”! Soak up the goodness (and the sun) in a jiffy with this quick absorption formula loaded with botanical antioxidants and hydrators. While you’re kept happily guarded from harmful UVA & UVB exposure. What’s more? How...
Rs. 650.00
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