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Does wearing makeup everyday cause acne? And 3 other questions on everyday makeup. (WINNERS DECLARED!)

June 29, 2016

Does wearing makeup daily cause acne?

Hey there,

Who doesn't love makeup? If there are 2 wishes every woman wants fulfilled, it's to eat without worrying about her weight & to wear makeup without worrying about her skin! Some of us are in professions where wearing makeup everyday is a necessity. And as for the rest of us, let's just admit it, makeup makes us happy!

 A common concern that we've come across however is, does wearing makeup regularly cause acne? Today we answer this much asked question along with 3 other questions related to everyday makeup. Read more...

Get me the goodies: Chamomile. PLUS GIVEAWAY INSIDE!

June 16, 2016

Skincare goodie: Chamomile

Hello there!
As summer continues to bear down on most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, we're bringing some calm to all you Plumsters this week. Today's blog is an ode to one of our cutest, prettiest Plum ingredients: CHAMOMILE. Read on to discover the goodness of this beauty (and win lucky prizes)!

Why does my face sweat after applying sunscreen? And 5 other sunscreen queries answered!

May 24, 2016

why does my face sweat after applying sunscreen?

Hello lovelies!
With the rising mercury, sunscreen has become mandatory before stepping out. However, a lot of us find it annoying to use sunscreen on our faces. One main reason we women give for not applying sunscreen, is that our skin becomes oily & sweaty after applying it. Unfortunately, sunscreen usage is un-avoidable in summer and whether you like it or not, you HAVE to use one. So why do we sweat after applying sunscreen, and how can we avoid it? Read on, we've got answers!

Can I skip using toner? And other toner FAQs

May 08, 2016

how to use toner

I care for my skin. I cleanse & moisturize regularly. I even wear sunscreen. So what if I skip using a toner? Is it really that important? After hearing so many of our loyal Plumsters ask these questions, we decided we should put down the reason why ‘toning’ is a part of C-T-M. Here are 5 FAQs that you should read if you are giving the toner a miss. Read more...

Can open pores on face be closed?

March 22, 2016

How can open pores on face be closed

Our beauty expert gives you her scientific take on pores. Stuff like: what are open pores, can they be shrunk or closed, does age have anything to do with it, and last but not the least, what you can do if you find enlarged pores on your face. Ready to get smart on pores? Hop on! Read more...