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Plum is proud, and humbled, to be part of One Percent for the Planet. Founded in 2002, 1% for the Planet has grown into a global movement of more than 1200 member companies in 48 countries, all donating at least 1% of annual sales to sustainability initiatives. In just over 10 years 1% for the Planet companies have given more than $100 million back to Blue. Watch this video on 1% for the Planet to learn more:

Please note: it’s 1% of sales, not 1% of profits!
Under our #Empties4Good initiative, you can not only send your empties for recycling for free but you’ll also receive shopping credits for your act of goodness. For every empty you send us, we'll reward you with Rs. 50 in shopping credits on plumgoodness.com! Know more about #Empties4Good here.
Most of our packaging is RECYCLABLE, and we minimize the use of packaging, in general. We avoid plastics like SAN, ABS and PVC that are not eco-friendly. At present we don’t use use any special grade that is more biodegradable than conventional plastic - we are constantly looking for ways to do that. If you have ideas we can pursue, tell us!
We use PET, PP and PE in our packaging. We encourage you to reuse and recycle – and not just packaging.
Plum goodness
We maximize the use of natural and nature-derived ingredients in our products, but we’ll be honest: our products are not 100% natural. Many brands group nature-derived chemicals, such as SLS, as “natural” because it is derived from coconut oil (just as an example). Nothing could be farther from the truth. We believe that the classification we’ve followed is transparent – in keeping with our values.

If we could make things 100% natural we make them, like our Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal, and Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer. Science allows us to formulate great products that work, by combining the best of natural goodies and absolutely safe synthetic stuff, and we are practitioners of that science. We guarantee, however, that our products are 100% safe, and we stay away from even doubtful ingredients. You can read a full list of our natural, nature-derived and safe chemical ingredients, as well as the ingredients we avoid, here.
We believe all of them are, and we especially keep in mind sensitive skin types while formulating. There's also acollection of the gentlest among the gentle products suitable for sensitive skin. However, it was always recommended for people with sensitive skin to patch test any new product on a small patch on their forearm before using them more widely.
Yes. We avoid harmful and even doubtful chemicals, and therefore, our products are suitable for children above 3 years. However, for children below 3 years, we would generally recommend using specialist baby products.
Yes. Our products are 100% vegan and vegetarian.

Plum is PETA certified. What does this mean?
A PETA certification means we are 100% vegan & cruelty-free, i.e. we don't use animal-derived ingredients & we don't test our products on animals. Guaranteed.
Product & ingredient safety
You will find the answer in our blog post on this important topic
SLES is a safe surfactant and unfortunately got is name sullied due to its close resemblance to SLS, a proven harsh surfactant and skin irritant. You can read about the differences here.
Cocamide DEA has been determined by US FDA to be safe for use in rinse-off products at concentrations less than 10%. You can read the CIR report here.
Triethanolamine (TEA), and especially the applications we use them in, is very safe. You can find more information here.
Absolutely. It is a safe, widely accepted preservative and a replacement for parabens, which are very iffy. Read our views on parabens here.
Once opened, use each product within 6 months to ensure you extract the most amount of goodness from it, however the unopened product will expire 2 years after the manufacturing date
Most of the fragrances used in our products are blends of synthetic, natural and nature-identical substances. We take care to ensure that the fragrances we use are compliant to EU & IFRA norms for ingredient safety. Additionally, our fragrances do not contain propylene glycol and phthalates, and are completely safe for regular use.
Shopping & shipping
Yes! If you’d like to purchase Plum and are located outside of India, drop us a mail at hello@plumgoodness.com and we'll get back to you with the next steps.
We ship same day or next business day of receiving your order. Shipping times in India are usually 1-4 business days. We apologize if you are facing a greater delay - let us know at hello@plumgoodness.com or call us at +91-750-649-6604.
We have one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use payment gateways installed on this website. Call us on +91-750-649-6604 if you are experiencing problems.
Plum offers a "no fuss" return policy for all products purchased on plumgoodness.com. Click here to know more
In India, Plum is also available on amazon.in, flipkart.com, nykaa.com and purplle.com (list is constantly being updated). If you are from the trade and wish to sell Plum from your store, drop us an email at sales@plumgoodness.com or call us on +91-750-649-6604 and we can talk!
Yes! We are now present in 100+ retail outlets across all 4 corners of India. Find an outlet near you,here.
Just follow these simple steps to redeem your reward points:

1. Log into your account and click on “Plum Rewards” at the bottom left corner of the website

2. Once you’ve clicked, click on “GET REWARDS” out of the options available

3. Select the amount you want to redeem from the available options (Rs. 50, Rs. 100 etc)

4. This will generate a discount code starting with "LL ...". Copy the entire code

5. Now make your purchase by adding to cart and then click on "Complete my Order"

6. At the checkout page, you will find a tab, under the address tab, asking for the discount code

7. Enter the copied code there and click on "Apply". Your total will reduce by the amount of the coupon

8. Enjoy all the Plum goodness :)
To refer a friend to Plum, simply log into to your account on plumgoodness.com, and click on Plum Rewards floating button on the bottom left of your screen. Navigate to refer-a-friend tab, where you can find instructions to invite by email, Facebook and Twitter. It's as simple as just sharing a link with your friends! They get 10% off their first purchase, you get 1000 reward points post delivery of your friend order.

As a security measure, points are added to your account 14 days after payment is realized on your friend's order.
While all Plum products are good for use by men, we now have a dermatologically-tested, 100% vegan specialist grooming range for men called Phy.