Health, beauty, passion

That Plum product you saw recently? Every single Plum employee had their inputs in making that product what it is.
Everyone at Plum loves it? It'll reach the shelves
Even if one doesn't? It'll reach our goodness labs... to get better

Plum people are a bunch of enthusiastic, passionate, and needless to say, brilliant folks who think org charts, department, designations, and hierarchies should remain where they belong i.e. Harappa civilisation.

We love what we do. We create goodness. And we have fun doing it. We love people who like good design, great-to-use products and above all, believe in doing good & being good.

You could be in sales, marketing, product development, manufacturing or accounts. No matter your field of expertise or years of experience, you'll leave the Plum office having learnt something new after tangibly contributing to the larger 'Plum goodness', every day.

If you think you'd be a good fit, here's where you should be sending your resume:

health, beauty, passion