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face serums

face serums

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frequently asked questions

How often should I use a face serum in my skincare routine?

Most face serums are safe to be applied twice daily – once in the morning and once at night before bed but remember to read the directions on your serum's label for any additional information about the serum's usage.

Can face serum be used on all skin types?

Plum’s face serums are suitable for all skin types except hypersensitive skin. However, it is always recommended to do a patch test first.

Is it necessary to use a face serum if I already use other skincare products?

Unlike other skincare products, face serums penetrate deep into the skin. So, if you are looking to target a specific concern, opt for a face serum.

Can face serum be used to target specific skin concerns, such as acne or aging?

Face serums are concentrated water-based formulations designed to work on specific skin concerns like pimples, dark spots, uneven skin texture, or dehydrated skin.

Are there any side effects associated with using face serum?

All our face serums are formulated with different active ingredients working on specific concerns and delivering different benefits. Since every skin type is different, we always recommend doing a patch test first.

Which serum gives glow on face?

Our glow-boosting 15% Vitamin C Serum with Mandarin works best on concerns like hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and dull skin and gives a boost to the natural glow of your skin.

Can I use plum serum overnight

Yes, our plum face serums can be applied overnight. We recommend reading the serum's label for any additional information about the serum's usage.

How long should I leave the serum on my face?

Use the serum after cleansing your face. Pat the serum in and ensure it is fully absorbed. Let it air dry. Follow with a moisturizer and sunscreen during the daytime.

Which serum is best for dark spots?

Our 15% Vitamin C Serum with Mandarin works best on concerns like hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and dull skin and gives a boost to the natural glow of your skin.

Importance of face serum in a skincare routine

If you care for your skin, you might have come across the term face serums. Face serums or facial serums are topical skin care products that are infused with concentrated active ingredients and provide targeted treatment for ageing, acne, and dark spots.

Face serums are water-based, lightweight formulations designed to penetrate deep into the skin and deliver active ingredients effectively.

Benefits of face serums

The usage of face serums is an essential step in any skincare routine. The right application of a suitable face serum for your skin can transform your skin and give you hydrated, clear, and glowing skin. To help you understand the importance of face serums for your routine, here are some benefits of face serums that you must know.

  • Enhances the effectiveness of other products in your routine: -

It helps boost the effectiveness of other products, thereby enhancing your skincare routine. For instance, the application of hyaluronic acid serum before a moisturizer helps increase the hydration level of the skin, making the moisturizer more effective. Similarly, a face serum with Vitamin C helps fight free radicals and enhances your sun's defense.

  • Targets specific skin concerns: -

Face serums are meticulously formulated to target specific skin concerns in your skin and help give you effective results. For example, Vitamin C serum is known to reduce dark spots & pigmentation, while a retinol serum can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ingredients to look for in a face serum for women and men

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce dark spots & pigmentation while boosting the natural glow of your skin. It also helps boost collagen production and protect your skin from free radical damage and oxidative stress. 
  • Hyaluronic acid: Known to hold 1000 times its weight in water, HA is a humectant that draws moisture to the skin, providing intense hydration. It also helps retain moisture in your skin, keeping it nourished, plump, and youthful.
  • Retinol: A form of vitamin A, retinol helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in your skin, while also promoting cell turnover for a brighter, clearer complexion. Retinol can also reduce the appearance of acne marks, giving you smoother skin.
  • Niacinamide: A form of vitamin B3, it helps fade blemishes, brighten, and even out your skin tone. Niacinamide also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help soothe irritated skin.
  • Alpha arbutin: Alpha arbutin is a gentle skin-brightening ingredient that slowly releases hydroquinone (one of the most effective spot-fading actives) into the skin and controls melanin production. It also helps fade sun tan, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots caused by breakouts and sun damage, giving an even skin tone.
  • Salicylic acid: Salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) exfoliates the skin and helps unclog pores. It is a widely used ingredient for acne-prone and oily skin as it helps clear blackheads, whiteheads, and acne.

Things to keep in mind while choosing the right face serum:

  • Skin type: Choose a face serum that is formulated for your specific skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, look for a lightweight, oil-free formula. If you have dry skin, look for a face serum with hyaluronic acid or other ingredients that provide intense hydration.
  • Skin concerns: Along with skin type, it's crucial to consider your skin concerns as well. Are you looking for a serum that targets acne, dark spots, dullness, or aging? For example, look for an anti-wrinkle serum or serum infused with retinol or other anti-aging ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Ingredients: Read the ingredient list on the product before buying any face serum. Avoid ingredients that you may be sensitive or allergic to.
  • Sun protection: Due to their high active concentration, face serums can make your skin photosensitive. Therefore, ensure to use sunscreen with adequate SPF to protect your skin from UV damage.


Face serum is an essential step of a skincare routine that helps to boost the effectiveness of other products and targets specific skin concerns. When choosing the right face serum, it is important to consider your skin type, skin concerns, and ingredients. Sun protection is also important to keep in mind while choosing a face serum. With the right face serum, you can achieve a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion. Remember to always patch test a new product before applying it on your face to avoid any adverse reactions.

face serums as per skin type with benefits

Face Serums   

Skin type  


15% Vitamin C Face Serum with Mandarin   All Skin Types   Boosts glow, reduces dark spots & hyperpigmentation  

10% Niacinamide Face Serum with Rice Water  

All Skin Types  

Clears blemishes, balances sebum, boosts radiance 

1% Retinol Face Serum with Bakuchiol  

All Skin Types  

Prevents fine lines & wrinkles, fights early signs of aging  

3% Zinc Complex Face Serum with Green Tea & AcnacidolTM  

All Skin Types  

Fights pimples, regulates sebum production & controls excess oil 

 2% Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Bulgarian Rose 

All Skin Types  

Instantly hydrates and plumps skin 
5% Niacinamide Face Serum with Rice Water & Amino Acid Complex  All Skin Types   Brightens skin, improves skin texture, hydrates & plumps skin 

2% Alpha Arbutin & Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum  

All Skin Types  

Controls melanin production, prevents tanning, hydrates skin 

10% Azelaic Acid & Cica Face Serum  

All Skin Types  

Fights acne for dry, sensitive skin, soothes & calms down inflammation & redness  
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