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6 "essential" differences between face oils & essential oils

6 "essential" differences between face oils & essential oils

Alright. You have a bottle of oil in front of you. What do you do with it? The answer: it depends. On whether it is a face oil or an essential oil. And they are very, very different. Read on to find out everything you need to know about when to pick what. Click here

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All about argan: the “golden” superstar


Argan oil the golden superstar

Name a skin care ingredient that’s as good for dry skin as it is for oily skin. That’s as good for skin as it is for hair. That nourishing and yet non-greasy. And best of all, is 100% vegan and natural. Drumroll, please, for argan oil: one of the most loved ingredients here at the Goodness Labs. Time to get smart about argan – in under 5 minutes! Click here

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Can I use face scrub in winter? And 4 other winter FAQ's answered

For your skin, winter has to be one of the toughest seasons to get through. Lower moisture levels, continued UV exposure, higher pollution levels, and a host of other factors tend to make it tougher to "keep glowing" through the winter. We get asked quite a few "winter" questions, and we thought of compiling 5 of them here for you. Hope you find these interesting and useful.



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Your Very Own Guide for Choosing the Perfect Face Mask

Which face mask should you choose

Going face masking but not sure how to choose between sheet masks, clay masks and everything in between? No worries, here's your very own, ever-so-handy face mask guide! Read on...
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7 secrets to prettier-looking feet

7 secrets to prettier looking feet

From fresh dew drops on grass, to the tickle of grains of sand on a beach, the touch of our environment on our feet is a constant, and invisible, part of our existence. But our feet are also among the most overlooked parts of our body - ignored until they demand attention. While they are constantly, and inevitably, exposed to harsh, varied environments, a few things for simple, everyday care at home can keep them looking healthy, fresh and beautiful! Read more...

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Do all alcohols damage skin?

Alcohols in skin care products

Alcohols are commonly found in many skin care products. But isn't it true that alcohol dries skin? What if we told you that there are some alcohols that help keep skin moisturized? Sounds strange? Here's how to tell which alcohols help, and which one harm. Read more...

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Dry patches on oily skin: here’s how Monika solved it!

Dry patches with acne? Problem solved!

Monika has oily skin for most parts of the year but her skin gets dry & patchy in winter- Here’s what Monika did to turn her skin around! 

In an ideal world, winter is said to be the best season for oily skin. In reality however, due to our lifestyle & environmental factors, oily skin is not all that healthy and glowing in winters. We tend to develop dry patches, dull overtones & sudden break outs. The reasons for this bizarre behavior of our skin are many. But you don’t need to worry about the reasons because Monika has got JUST the fix you need to balance out the oiliness in dry weather. Read more...

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7 FAQs on a Skincare Superstar: Vitamin E

 FAQs on Vitamin E in your skin care

Hello there, how’s 2016 treating you? We hope you haven’t broken your beauty resolutions yet! In continuation with our "simple English" series on rock-star ingredients, today we answer some FAQs on Vitamin E for you. Most of us are aware that Vitamin E is great for skin and hair, but knowing some important facts about this anti-oxidant superstar will help us incorporate Vit E in our daily routine in the best way possible. Let’s begin!

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Take the Winter SkinCare Quiz & Win a Prize!

The Winter Skincare Quiz!

'Tis the season to be merry! And there's so much to love about the winter! A little extra care will keep you looking your best through the cold & dry weather. This 7-question quiz will test your winter preparedness, and we hope, will help you take better care of yourself this winter. And what's more, one lucky winner gets our silky-smooth Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer as a prize! Ready to play? Join the fun!

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After-party skin care: 5 quick must-dos

Wish the party had lasted longer, don't you? But like all good things, parties have come to an end. And even as you go about getting back to "normal" life, there are some simple things you must do to take care of your skin and restore it back to full health...and get ready for the next one! Here are the top 5 from that list - quick, simple and easy - and they will go a long way in ensuring healthy, radiant skin even as you party away! Read more...

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