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Green Tea Night Gel - Twin Pack

Rs. 1,150.00

    frequently asked questions

    How often should I use face moisturizer?

    It's generally recommended to use face moisturizer twice a day, in the morning and evening, after cleansing and toning your skin.

    Can face moisturizer be used on all skin types?

    Most face moisturizers are designed to be suitable for all skin types, but some may be more beneficial for certain skin types or concerns. It's important to choose a moisturizer that is specifically formulated for your skin type.

    Can I use face moisturizer under makeup?

    Yes, face moisturizer can be used as a base under makeup to help hydrate and smooth your skin. Choose a moisturizer with a lightweight texture that won't interfere with your makeup application.

    Which face moisturizer cream is best for Acne-prone skin?

    We recommend using our Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer/Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer. It helps fight pimples, control excess oil and deeply hydrate skin.

    Is moisturizer cream for face necessary?

    A moisturizer helps hydrate skin, strengthen/repair skin barrier, restore firmness, and even out skin texture.

    Which moisturizer is best for dry skin?

    The rich & creamy formula of E-Luminence Deep Moisturizing Creme is perfect to moisturize, nourish and soothe dry skin.

    Healthy, glowing skin begins with a good skincare routine, and a crucial component of that routine is a high-quality face moisturizer. The right face moisturizer can provide hydration, prevent dryness and irritation, and even help to prevent premature ageing. However, with so many different types of moisturizers available, it can be challenging to know which one is best for your skin type. That's why we're here to help.

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    our face moisturizer collection

    At plum, we offer a carefully curated collection of face moisturizers from top brands that are designed to meet the needs of all skin types. Here are some of our top picks:


    skin type


    Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer

    oily, acne-prone, combination skin

    fights pimples, controls excess oil & provides long lasting hydration
    3% Vitamin C Moisturizer with Mandarin   all skin types enhances glow, fights dark spots and pigmentation  
    Saffron & Kumkumadi Oil Glow Bright Moisturizer all skin types brightens skin & enhances glow
    Hemp & Ceramides Moisturizer 

    all skin types

    strengthens skin barrier, reduces breakouts & soothes inflammation
    E-Luminence Deep Moisturizing Creme  

    dry, very dry, flaky skin

    deeply moisturizes and nourishes, makes skin soft & supple
    Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer

    oily, acne-prone, combination skin

    fights pimples, mattifies skin & hydrates skin
    Hello Aloe Just Gel 

    all skin types

    soothes, calms, and moisturizes skin & hair
    Chamomile & White Tea Sheer Matte Day Cream SPF 50 PA+++ 

    normal skin

    fights sun damage and soothes sun exposed skin