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Looking for sun protection? Pick any of our ultra-light, easy-wear SPF options - solo or in hand-picked bundles with face wash, toner and clay masks!

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The safest, cutest makeup around. Period. Do stay tuned for more trendy additions to this much-loved range.


Plum Blogs

Getting Your Face Scrub Game Right

May 22, 2017

Getting your scrub game right!Is it essential to use a face scrub? How often should you exfoliate your face and what kind of face scrub should you use? Let's find out! Read more..
5 Pro Tips for Finding the Right Sunscreen

May 10, 2017

pick your sunscreen like a pro!

You deserve a sunscreen that rocks. One that is perfect for you. Here's how to find it.....!

Am I using the right sunscreen for my skin type? Is it offering full range protection? Should I change to one that is less patchy? The process of choosing a sunscreen (or changing your current one) may be a long and confusing one. But we boil it down to 5 solid tips that will ensure you pick your sunscreen like a pro-every time!  Read on..

SPF, PA and More: Sunscreens Explained in Simple Terms

May 03, 2017

Sun protection simplified

Picking a sunscreen just got a whole lot easier with this really short blog post. Here’s how…

Your Very Own Guide for Choosing the Perfect Face Mask

April 25, 2017

Which face mask should you choose

Going face masking but not sure how to choose between sheet masks, clay masks and everything in between? No worries, here's your very own, ever-so-handy face mask guide! Read on...
Can I remove sun tan at home? Yes you can!

April 16, 2017

de-tanning at home simplified

Can't wait to have fun in the sun but worried about excessive tanning? Don't worry, you can enjoy the sunshine and reverse those nasty tans at home. Here's a simple how-to list for you! Read more..


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