juicy, bursting with natural goodness.

fresh, bright, much loved. 

true, child-like, perhaps even naughty.

take me as i am… no airs, no pretensions.

that's me. i am plum

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Plum Story

Plum is created & so is our iconic logo and "Plu" 

Plum Story

The first Plum finds a home in New Delhi on 14th Jul 2014 - our first online customer! Yay!

Plum story

Plum's first ever media feature got us doing the happy dance!

Plum Story

We go brick & mortar, starting with Pune! First ever retail store stocks Plum.

Plum Story

Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask wins Best Face Mask at the Nykaa-Femina Beauty Awards. The first of many to come!

Plum Story

Fighting wild-life crime one sniffer dog at a time! Plum contributes 1% of annual sales to WWF India's Super-Sniffer Program

Plum Story

Warehouse grows to manage warehouse woes. To accommodate all the increased demand, we shift to a WH 3x the old one!

Plum Story

We acquired presence in stores in all 4 corners of the country

Plum Story

Plum launches a new range of hair care products.

Plum Story

Plum Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel wins Best Night Cream at the Nykaa-Femina Beauty Awards. 

Plum blogs

Simplifying the scrub aisle, inside-out

Plum Blogs

So you’ve heard of all the benefits of a body scrub, and arrived at the conclusion that you need one! But you’re clueless about what kind to pick? Fret not! You’re sure to find your perfect one, at the end of this rigorous post…

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5 things you must do after sun exposure

Plum Blogs-5 things you must do after sun exposure

The after-game matters, when it comes to sun exposure. And sun exposure tops the list of environmental factors affecting skin health. Using sunscreen will help protect skin while you're in the sun. But here are some things you must do AFTER sun exposure, to help your skin bounce back to its natural best!

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