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February 20, 2017


5 Skincare Mantras to Slow Down the Ageing Clock

5 mantras to slow down the ageing clock

Ever wonder how some people appear to look far younger than they actually are? “It’s hereditary” is a common refrain, but for the rest of us who are genetically just “normal” there’s good news:you can actually control or reverse premature ageing and help your skin look great. Read more

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7 secrets to prettier-looking feet

7 secrets to prettier looking feet

From fresh dew drops on grass, to the tickle of grains of sand on a beach, the touch of our environment on our feet is a constant, and invisible, part of our existence. But our feet are also among the most overlooked parts of our body - ignored until they demand attention. While they are constantly, and inevitably, exposed to harsh, varied environments, a few things for simple, everyday care at home can keep them looking healthy, fresh and beautiful! Read more...

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February 03, 2017


5 Early Morning Beauty Hacks

Need some quick relief from dark circles? Or a morning skincare routine for great skin? Find these (and more!) here. Read on..

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Top 6 Celebrity Eyeliner Looks in 2016

Top 6 celebrity eyeliner looks in 2016

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing great.

Eyeliner-wise, 2016 seems to have been the year of the bold and the beautiful, with our favorite celebs going in for bold, thick, striking lines and lots of mascara while lining their eyes. Here are our top 6 picks out of the best eyeliner looks we found this year. Read on...

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December 15, 2016

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Awesome skin is in! 5 easy winter hacks

Hello everyone!

5 easy winter skin care hacks

Hoping to keep dryness away with some moisturizer and somehow getting through the winter? No way. At Plum, we say, ask for more! Our furry friends present some simple hacks for winter skin that's not just hydrated but also glowing, nourished and happy. And while you're at it, do take a look at some awesome offers at the Plum winter store! Read more...

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Incredibly easy smokey eyes - here's how!

Smokey Eyes with Plum kohl kajal

Hi all! Hope you're doing great! Plum's #SmokeyEyeChallenge has been the talk of the town, with the who's-who of the makeup lover world taking it up in style.

The challenge was to create smokey eyes using just 2 kajal pencils-the NaturStudio 100% smudgeproof kajal-cum-gel liner and the Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal, now with an easy-blend smudger. And the results are simply mind-blowing. Take a look here... 

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3 Trending Bollywood-Inspired Eyeliner Looks for the Season

3 Bollywood Inspired Kohl & Eyeliner Looks for You

Hey there, lovely ladies! In 3 of Bollywood’s recent releases this year, the leading ladies have sported some really stunning eyeliner looks with their styles making bold, lasting statements. And the best part? We help you recreate these looks using Plum’s NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal! Time to get your kohl game on! Get the looks...

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Do all alcohols damage skin?

Alcohols in skin care products

Alcohols are commonly found in many skin care products. But isn't it true that alcohol dries skin? What if we told you that there are some alcohols that help keep skin moisturized? Sounds strange? Here's how to tell which alcohols help, and which one harm. Read more...

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What is pH balance of skin? And how do I maintain it?

How to maintain pH balance of skin

What is ‘pH balance’ with respect to my skin? How does pH help my skin? Can a disturbance in this balance contribute to premature ageing? Can external factors (e.g., pollution, water quality) disturb this balance? And what role does the humble soap play in all of this? Here's all your skin pH questions answered in plain English! Read on...

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Does wearing makeup everyday cause acne? And 3 other questions on everyday makeup. (WINNERS DECLARED!)

Does wearing makeup daily cause acne?

Hey there,

Who doesn't love makeup? If there are 2 wishes every woman wants fulfilled, it's to eat without worrying about her weight & to wear makeup without worrying about her skin! Some of us are in professions where wearing makeup everyday is a necessity. And as for the rest of us, let's just admit it, makeup makes us happy!

 A common concern that we've come across however is, does wearing makeup regularly cause acne? Today we answer this much asked question along with 3 other questions related to everyday makeup. Read more...

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