5 things you didn't know a face mist could do!

Face mists do more than refresh!
Face mists have been around for a while, and for those of us who like to travel a lot, they are a must-have in the bag. But beyond the obvious benefits of cooling down and smelling great, did you know that you can also use face mists with your makeup or other skin care and get some really "cool" results? Here are 5 things that a face mist can fix for you - quick & easy!

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OK I got this bottle of serum. What should I do now?

What should I do with my serum?

You have two extremes when it comes to skin care. At one end there are those whose skin care begins and ends with a face wash (and maybe a cream). At the other end are folks who are looking for *that* product to use in between the 3rd and 4th steps in their 9-step regime. And the rest of us (which includes me) are somewhere in the middle. We understand CTMP, we use a sunscreen, a night cream and also face pack every Sunday. And guess what, I even bought a bottle of serum when the sale was on, because it looked good and was at a great price. But the BIG question - what do I DO with it? Read more...

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All about argan: the “golden” superstar


Argan oil the golden superstar

Name a skin care ingredient that’s as good for dry skin as it is for oily skin. That’s as good for skin as it is for hair. That nourishing and yet non-greasy. And best of all, is 100% vegan and natural. Drumroll, please, for argan oil: one of the most loved ingredients here at the Goodness Labs. Time to get smart about argan – in under 5 minutes! Click here

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Can I use face scrub in winter? And 4 other winter FAQ's answered

For your skin, winter has to be one of the toughest seasons to get through. Lower moisture levels, continued UV exposure, higher pollution levels, and a host of other factors tend to make it tougher to "keep glowing" through the winter. We get asked quite a few "winter" questions, and we thought of compiling 5 of them here for you. Hope you find these interesting and useful.



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Serum - Moisturizer - Face Oil: which one should you use?

Serum - Moisturizer - Face Oil: Which one should you use?

If you’re updated on the basics of the ideal skincare routine, you will know that it prescribes the use of facial serum, face oil and moisturizer. But, don’t they all do the same thing—hydrate the skin? Well, yes and no. All three types of products are designed to nourish the skin, but in very, very different ways. Here’s everything you need to know about serums, oils and moisturizers, and which one’s the best suited for your skin.


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5 ways to pick earth-friendly packaging

Plum Blog 5 ways to pick earth-friendly packaging

Packaging is necessary. Packaging helps us choose. Packaging keeps product safe. But packaging also consumes plastic. And paper. And glass, metal and a host of other inputs that are derived from mother earth. And much of it goes back as trash. In this cycle of creating, using and dumping, can we make better, more earth-friendly choices? The answer is a resounding YES. Here are 5 easy ways to get you started.

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Plumster of the Month: Shloka Nayak

Shloka Nayak - Plumster of the Month

 At Plum, we love getting to know our customers (a.k.a. Plumsters) better. Every once in a while, we meet a truly special Plumster who amazes us with his/her life story. This week, we meet one such Plumster with a kind heart filled with goodness. Her story inspires us, and hopefully, will inspire you too! Read more...

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7 Monsoon Beauty Bag Essentials

7 monsoon must-haves in your beauty bag

The first rainfall of the monsoon season is nothing short of pure bliss. While we partake of the monsoon delight, it might be worthwhile to take a moment and think about what our skin may need from us this season. Just as it’s important to switch up your skincare routine for the summer and winter, it’s a good idea to do so for the monsoon season as well. Here's how!

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Simply Speaking: Surfactants

The term surfactant may sound like one that is straight out of a chemistry textbook (which it is), but did you know that we use surfactants almost everyday? Surfactants are common ingredients in soaps, shampoos, detergents, body washes, face washes, and more. What are surfactants? Are they good or bad? Here’s everything you need to know, in simple English! Read on...

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9 WOW Prism-Box Inspired Eyeliner Looks That Shook Instagram

Prism-inspired eyeliner looks

Hey there!

We're sure you've seen the stunning new box that NaturStudio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal now comes in! It's prism-shaped and looks super cool! Nothing like anything you've seen kajals in before. Inspired by the unique shape of the 'Prism-Box' a whole lot of beauty bloggers as well as other kohl-enthusiasts took to Instagram to showcase their Prism-Inspired eye-liner looks. Here are a few that blew us away!

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