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The Shift Towards Cruelty-Free Vegan Makeup & Why You Should Know About It

Cruelty-Free Vegan Makeup

In recent years, there has been an emphasis on cruelty-free and vegan products in the beauty and skincare industry. You may have seen a lot of posts on Instagram or Facebook, whether from influencers or your very own gal-pals, about people going #cruelty-free and vegan. Don’t really know what or why that is? Many people often consider cruelty-free and vegan as the same, but in reality, they’re totally different. Confused? Let us enlighten you cuties! Read on to know about the shift towards cruelty-free vegan makeup and why you should know about it so that your ethical practices can glow as much as your skin!

#LearnTheLingo - Cruelty-Free And Vegan
While cruelty-free products are those which don’t get tested on animals throughout their manufacturing process, vegan products are those which don’t contain any animal ingredients. So, when you use such products, you’re actually supporting a more sensitive and ethical practice. That being said, it isn’t possible to just switch to these products without knowing about them or the many benefits they have. That’s why we’re here - to tell you all about why a shift towards cruelty-free vegan makeup is beneficial for you gals and the most important lady of all - Mother Earth!

1. Your Skin Will Feel Healthier (And Who Doesn’t Want That?)

Tired of breakouts and allergies on your skin? Well, that’s probably because your beauty and skincare products contain harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, and so much more. Your skin will feel much healthier if you choose cruelty-free and vegan makeup. How, you ask? Well, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that such products are free of chemicals and other nasties and are therefore so much better for your skin. And guess what, along with saving your skin from allergies, you’ll be saving animals too!

Plus, nature has so many bounties that there are tons of choices at your fingertips. Whether you love the smell of minty chocolate or the lusciousness of cocoa butter, turn to nature, and she’s sure to supply!

 2. You’ll Be Mindful Of Your Beauty Practices

When we say mindful beauty practices, we mean that you have a choice to either purchase regular cosmetics or those that are cruelty-free and vegan. So, when you cuties choose the latter alternative, you’re actually promoting a good cause in the makeup and beauty industry. Yes, we’re talking about going against animal testing and the use of harmful chemicals!

You should definitely give it a thought if you haven’t switched to such products yet. Just a little mindful thinking from your end can surely make a difference. Girl Power has brought about so many changes, it’s about time we changed this too!

3. You Become Aware Of The Cruelty Of Animal Testing

As much as makeup delights us, the fun goes away when we think of all the poor animals that have suffered to prepare it! When it comes to cosmetic testing, apart from mice and rats, dogs, rabbits, cats, and many other animals are also taken for conducting experiments. They’re kept caged up and sometimes even killed after the testing is done.

Feeling bummed out? Don’t be - there are several friendly options for you to choose from. Just so you know, India has been the first country in South Asia to ban the import of animal-tested products. So, is there a way out to stop this cruelty on animals? Yes, of course there is! All you cuties have a safe alternative of using cruelty-free vegan makeup, shifting the focus onto more ethical practices.

4. You Can Embrace A Minimalistic Approach And Create Change

When you choose cruelty-free and vegan products, you are putting more thought into what is essential for your skin. When you do this, there’s no needless shopping and not to forget, the overloading of your drawers with makeup and cosmetics. You will learn to embrace a minimalistic approach when buying items, only choosing those that will truly benefit you and the planet. Let’s not forget the power all you women have to make a wise choice by supporting the thought of going against animal testing.

5. You Can Avail A Budget-Friendly Choice (And Save That Salary!) 

You’ll be surprised to know that most cruelty-free and vegan products are actually budget-friendly. There’s no need to look too far either (wink wink). How would you like to have your own travel essentials makeup kit? Well, in our Makeup Essentials Travel Kit you get a smudge-proof kajal, cleansing balm, moisturizing cream, and lip balm. And this is just one example of how a shift towards cruelty-free vegan makeup can go easy on your pocket.

Now that you’ve got the rundown on why cruelty-free vegan makeup is the way to go, we hope you cuties will make a wise decision. Look for brands that are 100% certified vegan, and even better, PETA certified. (Psst, we’re one of them!) And you know what’s the best part? We have products for almost all skin types! Now go seize the day one cruelty-free makeup product at a time!


Why Should You Switch To Cruelty-Free Products?

You should choose cruelty-free products as they aren’t tested on any animals. So, by using such products, you’re supporting a healthy and ethical practice for your beauty care.

Why Should You Use Vegan Products?

You should use vegan products because they don’t contain any animal ingredients. Also, they’re free of harmful chemicals like parabens and therefore safe and healthy for your skin. This benefits you as well as nature.

Why Is Vegan Makeup Better For The Environment?

Vegan makeup is better for the environment because it's made with natural ingredients. Even its containers are recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. It turns away from the many harmful practices of the makeup industry.

Why Is Cruelty-Free Makeup Good?

As opposed to other conventional makeup products, cruelty-free makeup doesn't have any toxins and chemicals that can be harsh on your skin. So, cruelty-free makeup can be a good and healthy choice for your skin.