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affiliate program faqs


1. How do I apply for this program?

All you’ve got to do is fill out the form and wait for your profile to be verified. As soon as your profile meets the eligibility criteria, your account would be approved!

2. Do I have to pay to join this program?

No, there is no payment involved for you to apply for The Plum List.

3. How long will it take to approve my profile?

It takes about 30 - 45 days to verify your account. A confirmation mail will be sent once the profile is accepted further which a welcome email will be sent with all the necessary instructions and guidebooks to make it a smooth process.

4. Can I reapply after my account got rejected?

We only accept one application per email address and rejected email addresses are not eligible to apply again.

5. What is next after my account is approved?

A confirmation mail will be sent once the profile is approved further which a welcome email will be sent with all the necessary instructions and guidebooks to make it a smooth process. You can now access the dashboard at GoAffPro where you can:

    • Create a product/page link you want to showcase
    • Share these links across your social media channels
    • Manage your account 
    • Check performance report 
    • You can promote your affiliate code/links on your social media like Instagram stories, posts, reels, youtube descriptions and even on WhatsApp and Telegram. 

6. Which brands and products can I promote?

Plum Goodness & Plum Bodylovin are the brands that you can promote across all the categories like skin, hair, body & makeup as long as they are available on

7. Do I get any products to start with and how do I become a part of PR campaigns?

You will be sent a welcome package to kickstart this partnership. For our PR campaigns, there is certain eligibility criteria depending on various factors like revenue data, profile match, limited slots, etc.

8. What is the discount my audience will get?

Your audience will get 15% off using your affiliate code while making a purchase on

9. Where can I see the details of orders placed using my code/link?

You can see & track all the metrics related to activities carried out by using your affiliate code/links through your analytics tab in your dashboard.

10. What if the customer returns or cancels the order?

The commission would be calculated on every successful or completed order placed by your audience. If a customer's order is canceled or returned, the commission earned for it would be cancelled.

11. What is the payment cycle?

The invoice needs to be raised once every 2 months in the first week of the following months: October, December, February, June & August. Some additional points to note:

    • Minimum commission amount is Rs.3000 to raise the invoice
    • Once the invoice is raised, payment will be processed in 30-45 days 
    • For example, August & September commission to be raised together in Oct first week and the payment would be processed by 10-15 November

12. What are the basic documents required for the proceeding payments?

We require your bank details, PAN card, canceled cheque/passbook, & GST certificate if any.

13. How is the commission calculated?

The commission is calculated on the final order amount placed using your code/link. The amount on which the commission is calculated will be without shipping & tax. The final commission payout would be after deducting TDS. 

14. Why is the amount on my dashboard not similar to the payout amount?

If there is still a difference, it could be for the reasons below:

    • The dashboard updates every 24-48 hours. Please wait for the stipulated time period before checking an order update. If there is still a discrepancy, it could be for the reasons below.
    • Cancelled or returned orders will not reflect on the dashboard.
    • Orders that have not yet been paid will show as pending until the payment is done

15. Are the reports updated in real-time?

It takes around 24 hours for all the analytics to get updated.

16. Whom do I contact if I need more information about the partnership? 

You can hit us up at if you have any doubts.

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