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body mists

body mists

frequently asked questions

What is a body mist?

A body mist is a type of fragrance product that is lighter and more subtle compared to traditional perfumes. It's meant to be used to refresh the skin, while also providing a subtle scent.

How is a body mist different from a perfume?

A body mist is lighter in concentration and less long-lasting compared to a perfume. Body mists typically have a more casual and refreshing feel, while perfumes are more intense

How do I use a body mist?

Body mists can be used throughout the day to refresh the skin. Simply spray a small amount on pulse points, such as the neck, wrist, and behind the ears, and gently dab it into the skin.

Can a body mist be used as a substitute for a perfume?

While body mists can provide a light, refreshing scent, they are not meant to replace a traditional perfume. If you are looking for a more intense, long-lasting fragrance, a perfume may be a better option.

How often can I use a plum body mist?

You can use a body mist as often as you like throughout the day. It is a gentle and non-irritating product that can be used to refresh and moisturize your skin whenever needed.

Can plum body mists be used on all skin types?

Yes, Plum body mists are formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin. However, it's always a good idea to patch test a new product on a small area of skin before using it all over your body.

Are plum body mists suitable for travel?

Yes, plum body mists are a great option for travel because they are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. They can be used to refresh your skin and provide a touch of fragrance on-the-go.

Can I spray body mist on my clothes?

Yes, you can spray body mist on your clothes.

Body mist is a type of fragrance that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a lighter, more refreshing alternative to traditional perfumes and colognes. Body mists are easy to use, widely available in a variety of scents, and more affordable than traditional fragrances. This makes it a great option for those looking to refresh their skin, boost their mood, and add a touch of glamour to their day.

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best plum body mist with price and fragrance notes

body mist

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Hawaiian Rumba Body Mist


top notes: pear, mandarin, litchi

heart notes: gardenia, freesia, magnolia

base notes: white musk, vanilla, amber

Trippin’ Mimosas Body Mist


top notes: grapefruit, big strawberry, passion fruit

heart notes: red berries, peonies, vanilla orchid

base notes: musk, woody notes, oakmoss

Orchid You Not Body Mist


top notes: red apple, grapefruit, black currant

heart notes: water lilly, freesia, jasmine

base notes: musk, sandal, amber

Everythin’ Plum Body Mist


top notes: plum, blackberry, cherry, orange

heart notes: jasmine, iris, violet

base notes: amber, patchouli, vanilla, musk

Vanilla Vibes Body Mist


warm, cozy notes of vanilla!

Oopsie Daisy Body Mist


top notes: grapefruit, passion fruit, lemon

heart notes: jasmine, orchid, iris

base notes: vanilla, musk, amber

Feelin’ So Rose Body Mist


top notes: fresh floral, green, pear (fruity)

heart notes: rose, peonies, violet

base notes: musk, powdery, sandal woody