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frequently asked

What is Plum Plus?

It's a VIP ticket to exclusive perks! Earn Plum Charms, unlock exclusive discounts & get early access to all events & sales.

When did we launch the revised Loyalty Program?

Plum Plus launched on February 1, 2024. Time to level up!
Plum Plus has 4 loyalty tiers- Welcome Tier, Insider, Influencer & Icon.

If I am an existing member, how will Plum Plus affect my current Tier?

The loyalty tier in Plum Plus has been determined basis previous purchases. All purchases made in the last year have been assessed by the system & then a suitable tier has been assigned. The detailed structure is explained in the accompanying table.
Eg: If you were a Pro Plumster, congrats, now you're an Icon!
Plum Lovers & Buffs, your Plum Plus tier (Welcome Tier, Insider, Influencer) has been assigned basis annual spends (date). Check the table for details.

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What are Plum Charms (Plu Coins)? How do I earn Plum Charms? How long are Charms valid for?

Plum Charms are reward points which you earn on every purchase in the form of cashback. You can earn & spend Plum Charms to grab exclusive discounts. Charms are valid for 1 year, provided, 2 transactions are completed in a year. Who knew shopping could be this charming?

How do I become a part of Plum Plus?

It's very simple. Just splurge Rs. 2501 or more on plums, and you're in. Loyalty never looked this good!

What are the benefits of each tier?

Check out the table for the VIP treatment you've unlocked.

For how long is the tier status valid?

The tier validity is for 1 year.

How do I move to next tier?

Simply keep shopping to unlock exclusive perks! Spend Rs. 2501 to become an Insider, Rs. 6,000 more to be an Influencer, and Rs. 10,000 more to be an Icon. Once you spend these amounts, you'll be automatically upgraded to the next tier. Enjoy the benefits that come with each level!

I have spent over Rs. 2501 but i’m still not able to avail Plum Plus benefits? Why?

Kindly review your latest order status once the return window for the placed order has concluded.

Add plums worth Rs. 699.00 more to get 2 free body oils!