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Influencer marketing can play a significant role in creating brand awareness, reaching out to potential customers and engaging with existing ones. At Plum, we use influencer campaigns to connect, educate and engage with our current and potential customers.

As the influencer campaign marketing space continues to grow and evolve, we think it’s important to have an honest, ethical and meaningful approach towards influencer marketing, in line with our values.

Keeping in mind the overall objective of influencer-published content not misguiding or misinforming the audience in any way, Plum has issued specific influencer policy guidelines for all our campaigns.

These guidelines are applicable to Plum as well as to Plum BodyLovin’. Got more ideas about improving our influencer marketing approach? Get in touch at

Our policy on reviews states that we don’t ever buy reviews, delete, edit or manipulate them with a view to boost our rankings. Any influencer collaborations that result in reviews are explicitly identified as such.

How many stars? Has anyone else used this? How long does this product last? Any side effects?

Just some questions that cross our minds before we decide whether to “Add to Cart”. Reviews are an important source of information and opinions of “people like us”. For brands, reviews go a long way in determining sales of products.For us at Plum, reviews are also our #1 source of feedback from Plumsters on how we are doing. We take your reviews very, very seriously.

Your turn to “review” our review policy!

Thoughts on the above? Or just about anything else? Hit us up at!

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