Green Tea

Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner

MRP Rs. 390.00
Oily | Acne-prone skin
Cystic acne | Dry | Extremely sensitive skin.

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  • 100% alcohol-free
  • Non-comedogenic natural ingredients
  • Non-drying toner that prevents acne
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Rs. 390.00


Alcohol-free natural toner Not goodness: ultra-drying the skin with alcohol just to tighten up a few pores. Goodness: figuring out an alcohol-free alternative - with added green tea extracts. Let’s put alcohol to better use Best-selling alcohol-free toner from Plum. Make this an essential part of your skin care regimen for clear, smooth, well-toned skin. Astringency (tightness) on your skin that you can feel - great for enlarged pores. Antioxidant organic green tea extracts that help control blemishes and acne (pimples). And gentle exfoliation of debris and dead cells thanks to glycolic acid. 100% alcohol-free! .

♥ Does not dry face like alcohol-based toners
♥ Rich in green tea extracts - tones, hydrates and clarifies skin
♥ Glycolic acid helps weed out dead cells
♥ Hand-picked non-comedogenic ingredients

Why Plumsters it...

Prevents Acne

Shrinks Pores

Tightens skin

Tones and Clarifies Skin

Customer Reviews

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Plum green tea toner, Plum green tea night gel

Toner is good and very soothing.
I just love the Green tea night gel, use it every single day and night. Its my the favourite and i am using 6th bottle of it.

It's amazing!!!

I have a mixed type of skin. Could see results in a few days. Stings a bit initially. But ull get better over use. An amazing product to invest in!

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Tingling effect

I have been using this product for the last one month. It is good. Keeps the oil away,but dries out some part of the face. The good part about it is, it doesn't break me out. The number of pimple poping out has also reduced but haven't completely reduced. I do get pimples here and there. But this products causes a slight tingling effect. So a bit confused whether I should buy it again or not.

Product review

I found it expensive, price can be reduced by 15-20%.

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  • How do I apply this product and for how long should I keep it?


    After washing face, pour out a small quantity of toner on palm and splash it on your face. You could also use a cotton ball to dab the toner softly all over. Leave on and let your skin soak it up. Let the toner air dry, don't rush to wipe it off. Follow it up with a moisturizer suited for oily skin.

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Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner