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Shower Gel Duo

SLS-Free | Hydrating Formula | Aloe-Infused Body Wash | Warm Vanilla Fragrance | Fresh Beachy Fragrance

MRP Rs. 760.00 Rs. 608.00

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Super fun fragrances
Nourishes and hydrates skin
Gentle, yet deeply cleansing formula

Non-drying, moisturizing & ultra-refreshing
A mix of Floral, fruity and gourmand shower gels

how to use
Pump out the shower gel lather up under a hot or cold shower. Use a loofah for added benefits!

frequently asked questions

Are the shower gels in the duo pack different scents?

This shower gel and body wash duo have a fresh beachy & warm vanilla fragrance.

Are these shower gels paraben-free and sulfate-free?

These shower gel and body wash duo are SLS & Parabens free.

How do I use the shower gels effectively?

Pour some product on a loofah or your hands. Lather up the shower gel in the shower. And finally, rinse off to get clean & nourished skin.

What sizes are the shower gel bottles in the duo pack?

The shower gel and body wash come in a 240 ml bottle each.

How long will each bottle of shower gel last with regular use?

Based on your use, each bottle can last you for almost 37 days.

Customer Reviews

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Akshita Maheshwari

Shower Gel Duo

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