5 differences between body mists and perfumes!

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Body Mists vs Perfumes

A dash of aroma and that extraaa fresh feeling is all it takes to switch your mood from drab to FAB! So let’s talk fragrances today and take you through what’s behind the stuff that’s making you smell so fine! While body mists and perfumes both, primarily do the same job of making you smell amazin’ (oh, feel amazin’ too!), they surely do sing two very different tunes! We know you all have that fav fragrance BFF that you can’t live without, but you ought to know how to tell mists and perfumes apart.

All fragrance compositions are a blend of alcohol or water and fragrance oils. The ratio of these components to each other, define the type of fragrance. Body mists, also referred to as body sprays, do not contain a very high percentage of fragrant oils, making them somewhat milder versions of perfumes — enabling them to be safe enough to be sprayed directly on your skin, rather than your clothes. The difference between body mists and perfumes lies solely in their formulation.

So, fellas, are you ready to clear the air? — pun completely intended! ;)

Here’s a quick guide that will take you through all the differences between body mists and perfumes that you need to know about!

  1. Fragrance
    Body mists are super light, subtle, and airy and their scent is not as intense as that of perfumes. One spritz and you’ll be feelin’ as fresh as a daisy! Perfumes usually have a much stronger and overpowering fragrance.

  2. Water, alcohol, and oil concentration
    The proportion of water, alcohol, and oil is what differentiates body sprays from perfumes. Owing to the low concentration of oil and higher amount of water and alcohol, the fragrance of body mists is light and pleasant, in contrast to perfumes, which have a higher content of fragrant oils, making the scent much stronger. Perfumes in themselves, differ in terms of their oil to alcohol ratio. Do the terms EDP and EDT ring a bell? These are used to identify the concentration of oil in a fragrance composition, determining their strength. EDP, Eau De Parfum has a higher concentration of aromatic oils, giving off a richer fragrance, as opposed to EDT, Eau De Toilette. No, there are no rules whatsoever to how you should use your fragrances, but body mists and EDTs are mostly used during the day due to their lighter fragrance, and EDPs, usually saved for the night! :)

  3. Longevity
    Because of the very reasons stated in point 2, perfumes tend to last longer than body mists. Due to a higher water and alcohol addition, mists are often milder in lasting power, but well, who doesn’t love that extra spritz of light aroma that’ll get you feelin’ fresh all day?! (pssst… Longevity pro-tip? Layer up your fragrance! Use a scented shower gel and a body lotion right after, then finally wrap it up by spritzing your body mist on top!)

  4. Hydration and Safety on Skin
    The formulation of body mists makes them safe to be applied directly on your skin, keeping it hydrated and refreshed for a long time. Imagine a fragrance that not only gives you a soft boost of fragrance, but also hydrates your skin! Mistin’ right after a shower is the perfect way to kick-off the day, since the pores of your skin open up after a bath and absorb the mist, leaving it hydrated and smelling great. Ah, can’t resist the mist! It’s a win-win if your body mist is infused with ingredients like aloe vera, which is sure to leave you feelin’ super peppy! Perfumes, on the other hand, are advised to be used mostly on top of your clothes, since they are not as safe for your skin.

  5. Price
    Body mists are fab for an all-day-everyday kind of use because they are not nearly as expensive as perfumes! The stark difference in their price points is solely due to their different compositions.

Summing it all up, though mists and perfumes both, belong to the fragrance fam, they are as different as apples and bananas! We know all you cuties have your own favs in your fragrance wardrobes, right from body mists to perfumes — some, that you splash on for a Sunday brunch and some, that you save for dancin’ the night away!

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