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Know The Difference: Body Mists v/s Perfumes


A dash of aroma and that extraaa fresh feeling is all it takes to switch your mood from meh to amazing instantly. Today, let's dive into the world of fragrances and unravel the secrets behind what makes you smell oh-so-good! While body mists and perfumes both, primarily do the same job of making you smell amazin’, they surely do sing two very different tunes!

But first, let's get done with the basics.

Body Mist

What is a body mist?

Body mist is also called a body spray that is airy, lightweight, and subtle, like a soft feather. They have less concentration of fragrant oils and thus are less intense than perfumes.

When should you apply body mist?

You can apply a body mist for a refreshing feel anytime, before a stressful presentation, an interview, or just when your mood is all blah! However, the best time to apply a body mist is after showering on damp skin when your pores are open and more receptive to the fragrance.

Where should you apply body mist?

Usually, it is advised to use body mist directly on your skin. You can use it on your pulse points which are inside of your wrists, arms joints, leg joints, etc. which generate more heat. You must avoid contact with jewelry like earrings, watches, etc.

How to choose a body mist?

Consider the following factors while choosing a body mist or perfume for you:

1. Skin compatibility

It’s crucial to understand that fragrances react differently for different skin types. Every skin has a different texture and pH level, which should be considered when choosing a perfume or body spray. For instance, you might want to avoid very strong or intense fragrances on sensitive and hypersensitive skin.

2. Choice of scent

Body mists have a broad collection to choose from, like, woody, spicy, fruity, and floral. Identify your smell preferences before picking a fragrance for you. It's best to try out different fragrances before buying.

3. Intensity

Depending on their notes, body mist can be intense or mild. Consider this while choosing your body mist. Moreover, it is advised to choose fragrances based on the occasion. Mild fruity fragrances work best for the day, for your breezy girl's day out, or just a brunch with the best buddies! Whereas, you can choose woody and spicy scents for night parties, date nights, and events.

Difference between body mist and perfume.

Smokin Vanilla

All fragrance compositions are a blend of alcohol, water, and fragrance oils. Body mists, also referred to as body sprays, contain a lower percentage of the fragrant oils, making them milder versions of perfumes — enabling them to be safe enough to be sprayed directly on your skin. The difference between body mists and perfumes lies solely in their formulation.

Here’s a quick guide that will take you through all the differences between body mists and perfumes that you need to know about!

1. Fragrance

Body mists are super light, subtle, and airy and their scent is not as intense as perfumes. One spritz and you’ll be feelin’ super fresh and fab! While perfumes usually have a much stronger fragrance.

(Pro Tip: Individuals prone to migraines may find the body mist a preferable choice, as it tends to be milder compared to perfumes)

2. Water, alcohol, and oil concentration

What sets apart body mists from perfumes is the mix of water, alcohol, and oil. Body mists have less oil and more water and alcohol, giving them a light and pleasant scent. On the flip side, perfumes pack a punch with a higher concentration of fragrant oils, making their scent stronger. Perfumes also vary among themselves in terms of the oil-to-alcohol ratio.

3. Longevity

Due to higher concentrations of oil and low water and alcohol concentration, perfumes tend to last longer than body mists. Due to a higher water and alcohol a ddition, mists are often milder in lasting power, but well, who doesn’t love that extra spritz of light aroma that’ll get you feelin’ fresh all day?! Also, your skin chemistry plays a huge role in determining how long-lasting your fragrance is. Therefore, you must consider this variable factor while judging the longevity of perfume v/s a body mist.

(Longevity pro-tip - Layer up your fragrance! Use the same scented shower gel and a body lotion right after, then finally wrap it up by spritzing your body mist on top!)

4. Price

Body mists are fab for an all-day-everyday kind of use because they are not as expensive as perfumes! The difference in their price points is solely due to their different compositions.

5. How is Body Mist different from perfume?



Body mist


Also called

Body Sprays 

Eau De Parfum


Light and airy, less intense

Strong and overpowering


Contains lower concentrations of fragrant oil & higher concentrations of water and alcohol 

Contains a high concentration of fragrant oil & lower concentrations of water and alcohol


Safe to be used directly on the skin

Advised to be used on top of your clothes and not on the skin


Stays for a shorter duration

Stays for a longer longer




In a nutshell, comparing body mists to perfumes is like deciding between apples and bananas – both are awesome, just different! Choose what suits your mood – a mist for a casual Sunday brunch or a perfume for a night of dancing. Either way, you're guaranteed to smell fantastic all the time! So, spritz away and enjoy!


Q. How long does the fragrance last with body mist compared to perfume?

Perfumes, due to the higher concentration of fragrant oils, have a longer-lasting scent on your skin. Body mists typically linger for about 3 to 4 hours, whereas perfumes last for about 10+ hours. However, individual variations in skin chemistry play a significant role, making the duration more subjective for both body mists and perfumes.

Q. Can body mist be layered with perfume for a longer-lasting effect?

Yes, you can layer your body mist with a perfume. With complementing notes and fragrance, you can increase longevity by layering both. You can also layer a shower gel and perfume for a long-lasting effect.

Q. Can body mists be used on clothing, similar to perfumes?

Body mist can be used both on your skin and clothes. However, consider the features and usage directions before using them on your clothes. To avoid stains on your clothes, it is advised to spray the body on a damp body and leave it to dry before wearing your clothes.

Q. Are there any skincare benefits associated with body mists compared to perfumes?

Though some body mists are hydrating in nature with high water content, there are no known skincare benefits associated with perfumes and body mists.