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Choosing the right moisturizer for your fab body

Choosing the right moisturizer for your fab body

There are some that are tooooo oily & sticky, or not moisturizing enough, and some that just refuse to do their job right—the list could go on! But some moisturizers...can be real game-changers! The trick is in cracking what works for your skin type and yes, getting there can be quite a task. But there’s really no rocket science behind this, you’ve just got to listen to your skin and fish out body care products that are gonna give it all the lovin’ it deserves. 

Moisturizers have no cookie-cutter standards, y’all, and we mean it when we say that there are plenty of them for each one of you cuties—different formulations, packed with different ingredients that target specific skin types. If you feel that your current moisturizing regime isn’t quite working its magic, it’s about time to spice things up to keep your skin happy, healthy, and supple, always. Don’t sweat it, trust us to navigate you through the types of moisturizers out there. Go on now, find your elixir, and get ready to dip yourself into a pool of moisture!

P.S. Don’t wait for wintry dry skin woes to remind you to grab yourself a moisturizer. Your fab bod needs one all year round, it’s non-negotiable! :) 

  • Gel Body Lotions

  • AKA: Colada sippin’ sesh! 
    Goodies to look for: Soothing, non-greasy oils like Brazil nut oil & hydrating ingredients like aloe juice
    Perfect for: Normal to oily skin babes

    With their unique quick-absorbing gel formula, these are super lightweight, non-greasy, and non-sticky. Gel-based lotions are super hydrating and will glide onto your skin effortlessly, leaving it soft and dewy. This no-fuss, weightless lotion is the MVP for them no-bummer summer days!

  • Crème Body Lotions

  • AKA: Trip to smoothie heaven!
    Goodies to look for: Soothing, non-greasy oils like Brazil nut oil & deeply moisturizing delights, like kokum butter
    Perfect for: Normal to dry skin babes

    Super moisturizing and nourishing lotions packed with emollients, that will leave your skin baby-soft and supple. Crème lotions are very creamy, yet lightweight and don’t sit heavy on the surface of skin. Another plus, they will instantly absorb into your skin without leaving a residue. Smoothie-like skin, just a pump away! Ready to say bye to dry?

  • Body Oils
    AKA: *Oil* your skin needs to be happy!
    Goodies to look for: Ultra-moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, sweet-almond oil & avocado oil
    Perfect for: Dry to very dry skin babes

    Pesky, dry skin? Gotta dry-ve it away! Non-sticky body oils, with their lightweight luxe texture melt into your skin, leaving it soft and luscious. They revitalize and condition your body deeply, locking in moisture for hours. Just what you need for glistenin’ skin with that extraaa sheen during the festive season. Let’s glow? ;)

  • Body Butters

  • AKA: Your butter half!

    Goodies to look for: Rich, creamy delights, like shea butter & soothing ingredients like Brazil nut oil
    Perfect for: Very dry to extremely parched skin babes

    If your body lotions and oils aren’t cutting it anymore and you’re looking for something thicker and creamier, you’ve gotta slather on these buttery delights and see them work their magic! Intensely moisturizing, rich body butters will glide onto your skin like a dream, leaving it silky-soft and supple. The non-greasy texture will nourish your skin deeply and fix all your wintry dry skin probs. Dry skin, who? ;) Body butters have got to be your sweater weather BFFs! 

    In a nutshell, there’s a whole bunch of them out there to help you fulfill ALLLL your smooth skin dreams! Moisturizers are a staple for your body care regime, even if your skin doesn’t suffer from dry skin patches (no, it’s never okay to skimp on body moisturizers!). You must also not feel the need to be restricted to a particular formula all year round. Feel free to switch things up and experiment, we know how moody skin can be. So, take your pick and...hop on, we’re goin’ to Moisture Land! ;)

    Pro-tip: The best time to apply a moisturizer is right when you step out of your shower, before cladding yourself in your towel, to lock in that moisture a little more! 

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