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Myth Busters: Haircare Edition

Myth Busters: Hair Care Edition

Ever spent hours researching about what shampoos and oils you need and still ended up with bad hair days? Jumped tabs and searched for everything from “onion juice for hair growth” to “how to get long hair in a week?” to “how to stop hair fall overnight?”

Trust us, you’re not the only one. When it comes to haircare, noticing slightest changes and jumping to conclusions is very common. Let’s get one thing straight here, haircare was never complex and never should be. The basics are here to stay, while modifications in routine can be made according to concerns and changing seasons. All these myths and false claims can be grossly misleading, lets kick them down shall we?

#1: The fewer number of washes, the better

Hair fact 101: Shampoos are here to stay!

You might’ve come across posts on how washing your locks with plain cold water works wonders, well maybe that worked in stone age. With pollution and dirt constantly surrounding us, shampoos perform the act of cleansing and keeping your scalp healthy. Wash your hair enough, at least twice or thrice a week (depending on your lifestyle) will do no harm. Skipping hair washes only allows more dirt and product to build up, hindering your haircare routine.

#2:The more you brush the better

First things first, let's separate facts from fiction. You should definitely NEVER brush wet hair. Wet hair is more prone to breakage. Post air-drying, towel-drying or blow-drying as per your preference, gentle brushing is the way to go. Detangling is important, and so is ensuring even spread of natural oils. A few strokes, starting downward and moving up is the right way, over-combing or over-brushing simply damages the hair

#3: If you have fine, thin hair you gotta skip the conditioner

Just like shampoo, conditioners play a role in your hair’s maintenance and protection. Finding the right conditioner will help keep your hair nourished, moisture locked and looking healthier. Fine hair or thick, long or short, straight or curly, everyone NEEDS to have a conditioner as a part of your haircare routine.

#4: Let the oils stay in your hair for few days

Good hair oils are nutrient-loaded and do their job right when kept for the right amount of time. Overnight oiling is a good way to give yourself a relaxing sesh as well as treat concerns like thinning. You can leave on your oil for 6-8 hours and wash it off the next morning. Keeping oil for more than that will only allow dirt to stick to your strands, you obviously don't want that

Investing in your haircare products is definitely good, just make sure you’re smart with it. Follow the basics, rule out the unnecessary myths and don’t forget to get some rest, healthy food and adequate exercise too!