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5 skincare mistakes your sensitive skin is paying for

5 common sensitive skin mistakes

Having sensitive skin can really make you feel like you have received the short end of the stick. From a sunnier-than-usual day to a comforting, steamy shower, anything can aggravate your skin. When any little change in lifestyle can show easily on your skin, it can become difficult to keep track of just what products and habits work for your skin, and what needs to be cut out of your schedule ASAP. To make a Herculean task slightly easier to carry out, we’ve curated a list of the five most common mistakes you make with your sensitive skin. Read on to find out:

1. You’re not carrying out patch tests for new products:

With sensitive skin, it is crucial to test every new product you’re planning to make a part of your skincare regime. The best way to do this is to carry patch tests – try out a small amount of product on a small patch of skin (behind your ear for face products and on your wrist for body products) and wait to see the result. If the product leaves your skin red, splotchy and itchy, you know to not make it a part of your routine. It’s a better alternative to trying out a new product all over your face and being left with very visible angry marks.

2. You’re using products with strong fragrances:

With sensitive skin, allergic reactions are generally a product of the fragrances added to the product more than the other ingredients that are a part of it. Your best bet is to go for unscented products with a natural base, so that a minimal amount of chemicals are being applied to your skin. While we’re on the topic, it also helps to have unscented detergents and floor cleaners, because those scents can affect the quality of your skin as well.

3. You’re exfoliating too often:

Exfoliation in general is one of those skincare activities that must not be carried out daily, but when you have sensitive skin, exfoliants can end up playing the role of an irritant for your skin. Which is why it becomes very important for you to pick the right kind of exfoliant, ensure that you’re not scrubbing your skin too hard, and reduce the frequency of exfoliation.

4. Your sleep schedule is way off:

Yes, we know, this is one tip that might seem overused by every single skincare blog at this point. But it is also one of the easiest, and most effective tips that exist. Imagine being able to sleep more as means for healthier skin, what’s not to like? There is a reason behind this tip being praised to no end by skincare specialists – night-time is when your skin cells are able to repair themselves, which is what leads to refreshed, glowing and younger looking skin. With sensitive skin, your cells need to work harder to carry out repairs, which is why getting an adequate amount of sleep becomes all the more essential.

5. You have too many products as a part of your regime:

This is one of those times when the phrase “less is more” seems fitting. With too many products, you’re exposing your skin to multiple different combinations that can negatively affect your already sensitive skin. Instead, it’s advisable to stick to a few necessary products, with the same natural ingredient as the base in all of them.

Now that you have an idea of the mistakes that you’re making with your sensitive skin, the first step you can take is investing in products that are specialized to work wonders on sensitive skin. This is where our Hello Aloe range steps in, with its aloe vera base meant to soothe and calm your way to healthy and glowing skin. Happy skincare!

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