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Take 5 & Revive!

5 steps to take care of your oily skin!

Very often, we tend to shy away from going through a proper, step-by-step skincare regime because we tend to assume that it is supposed to be time consuming. More so, it becomes extremely difficult to research for and find all the right products to fit into said regime, and we end up not really looking after our skin.

To make life easy for all our readers, we’ve listed out the easiest and most effective five step skincare regime that you can incorporate very easily into your busy schedule. Read on for your guide to take five and revive.




What: The first and foremost step of any skincare routine, cleansing involves using a face wash to rid your skin of the dirt and grime it collects on a daily basis.

Why: For oily skin, cleansing becomes an extremely necessary step because it helps to wash off the excess oils that are present on the surface of our skin effectively. Plus, this step prepares our skin for the next steps in our routines, as well as for makeup. To make sure you’re doing right by your skin, it’s best to pick a cleanser that is rich with antioxidants that prevents the secretion of excess oils.

How: Cleansing is pretty simple- start with a wet face and take a small amount of the cleanser on your palm. Spread it evenly across your face and massage it on using circular motions, then wash off and pat dry gently with a towel. Make sure to cleanse twice a day - before your morning and night routine - for best results. Your skin is now ready for the next step!



What: Many of our skincare novices who are reading this won’t know, but toning is an absolutely essential part of any daily skincare routine. Toners are usually available as liquids that are meant to be used on your skin after cleansing.

Why: Toners help keep your pores shrunk and maintain the Ph balance of your skin. Making sure your pores can’t easily collect excess dirt and impurities is a must to prevent any breakouts. It’s important to keep in mind that the best toner for oily and acne-prone skin should contain the goodness of natural ingredients such as glycolic acid and glycerin for your skin to feel healthier than ever.

How: To use, simply take a small amount onto your palm, and dab onto your face with a cotton pad. Let sit for two to three minutes so your skin can soak in the goodness, and follow with the next step in your routine!



What: Moisturising is extremely important, everyone knows that. Moisturizers come in two forms - day moisturizers, and night moisturizers, and both are extremely important to keep your skin healthy. During the day, a light, fast absorbing moisturizer is your friend. For the night, a slightly heavier and nutrient-rich moisturizer should be your go-to.

Why: Day moisturizers for oily skin are supposed to be extremely light and quick absorbing, so that your skin receives instant hydration without any leftover greasiness on the surface. For the night, a slightly heavier, but still pretty light formula works best, that helps your skin repair at night so you wake up with soft, hydrated, and non-greasy skin.

How: Take a tiny amount of moisturiser on your palm (a little goes a long way), spread it evenly across your face, and hydrate away!




What: Once or twice a week, it is important to give your skin a deep cleanse so that you can get rid of all the pesky dirt and grime that likes to hide within your pores and aggravate your acne. Scrubs are the best way to ensure a deep cleanse.

Why: For oily skin issues like black heads that are embedded into your skin, a simple cleanser won’t do. Which is why it’s necessary to pick a gentle yet effective exfoliant with natural ingredients like glycolic acid and soft cellulose beads that will give your skin the deep cleanse-love it deserves!

How: Using a scrub super simple - just take a small amount, scrub it onto your wet face for a couple of minutes, wash it off, and pat dry gently!



What: For the days when you want to pamper yourself and your skin to some extra love and nourishment, a Face Mask is just what you need! Masks come in many formats, like a sheet mask or a wash-off mask, and it’s up to you to choose what suits your skin best.

Why: For the more pesky acne that doesn’t leave easily, it’s best to pick masks with natural clays and antioxidant properties that will leave your skin glowing and refreshed.

How: Once a week, apply the mask evenly onto your cleansed face, relax for 30 minutes or until the mask dries, wash off, pat dry, and get glowin’!

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