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Why Night Cream Is A Skincare Essential

Your skin is in its superhero avatar in the daytime, fighting off several different villains at once. Be it dirt, pollution, UV rays, or your makeup, all these things can be really harsh on your skin. And if you think your daytime skincare regime is enough to battle it all, you’re probably mistaken. Wondering why? Well, even when you’re fast asleep at night, your skin is awake, trying to repair all the damage that has been caused during the day.

No longer is that nightly beauty sleep enough to keep you cuties glowing! So, if you’ve been going to bed without a night skincare regime, you’re missing out on an important nourishing agent. We’re talking about night cream, the superhero sidekick that’ll heal your skin with the right nutrients thereby making it healthy. Let’s steal a little ‘me time’ before bedtime and understand why night cream is a skincare essential!

How Does Night Cream Really Work?

Right from the weather conditions and UV rays to the pollution outside, your skin has to bear a lot of external factors on a day-to-day basis. Although your sunscreen may prevent the tanning of your skin, what about the fine lines of aging? Well, this is where night cream comes to the rescue. Surprisingly it’s one of the most underestimated yet highly effective skincare products.

While you’re in your dreamland at night, your skin is actually in its regeneration mode. To speed up that process, night cream is a must. An interesting thing to note is that compared to daytime, your skin is better able to absorb active ingredients at night. Defense in the day, repair in the night - isn’t that interesting? Why not help your skin battle all the damage using a night cream?

Since the regeneration power of your skin increases at night, night cream helps to boost the tissue repair and cell renewal of your skin. It clears off all the dirt and pollution from your skin thereby improving its quality. 

What Are The Benefits Of Night Cream?

You’ll be astounded to know that using a night cream can have so many benefits on your skin. Although its benefits can’t be explained in mere words, here’s an insight into the wonders you’ll experience by using an effective night cream

Hydrates Your Skin

Just applying a cleanser and washing your face with water isn’t enough to completely cleanse and hydrate your skin. So, what next? Don’t worry, just use a night cream as it’ll help your skin retain its natural oils and retain moisture. Naturally, if you keep your skin moisturized, you won’t have to worry about dryness, irritation, or oiliness.

Helps To Increase Blood Circulation

Your skin loses moisture when you’re sleeping since less sebum is secreted at night time. Night cream helps replenish this loss and will get absorbed quickly. So, while your skin is doing all the heavy lifting of repairing and regenerating your skin, night cream helps in the cleansing process and stimulates blood circulation. The radiant glow on your face in the morning will be nothing but the effect of your new secret weapon.

Boosts Collagen Production

When collagen production starts depleting, your skin loses its elasticity. That’s when you start getting fine lines and wrinkles on your skin and it becomes saggy. Just so you know, collagen is what helps to maintain the structure and elasticity of your skin. Night cream may be just the thing you need to help boost collagen production and make your skin look plumper and firmer.

Soothes Your Skin

Do you experience rashes and irritation on your skin? After a long tiring day, your skin is bombarded by the dirt and dust outside. By bedtime, you may feel itchiness or irritation on your skin. Night cream helps to nourish your skin, and consistent use promotes healthier skin, soothing redness, and rashes. So don’t get surprised when your friends compliment you on your soft skin - your night cream will surely work wonders!

Makes Your Skin Look Youthful

As mentioned earlier, your skin needs the right amount of nutrients while undergoing regeneration at night. Your night cream meets this need by accelerating your skin’s rejuvenation process, even more so if it is infused with the goodness of natural nutrient-rich ingredients. So why wait? Go ahead and try our Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn Night Cream to keep your dry skin moisturized. Otherwise, you can try out our Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel in case you have oily or acne-prone skin. If you’re normal to combination skin type definitely don’t miss out on our Chamomile & White Tea Plush Night Souffle. You’re bound to notice that youthful vibrance after steadily incorporating it into your skincare routine.

To sum it all up, day cream and night cream are both essential to nourish your skin. Now that you know how night cream can speed up the moisture content and cell repairing process of your skin, it’s time you start using one. There’s no denying that night cream is a skincare essential, but it works best when you’ve picked the right kind. Make sure you learn all about night creams before you jump right into a new routine.

We hope we’ve given you an insight into the wonders night cream can have on your skin. Sometimes you need to take extra care for your skin to feel beautiful, but trust us, it’s all worth it. All you gorgeous women out there, start using a night cream in your skincare regime and you’ll surely see the difference. If you’re still confused or have any queries about what’ll best suit your skin, you can reach out to us at We love hearing from you!


Is Night Face Cream Necessary?
Night creams are a necessary part of skincare regimes as they help in boosting collagen production thereby reducing fine lines, wrinkles and improving the complexion of your skin.

Is Night Cream Good For Your Skin?
Night cream is good for your skin as it helps in the regeneration of cells thereby giving you soft and nourished skin. However, ensure you use the right kind of night cream suited to your skin type.

Do Night Creams Really Work?
It’s a known fact that your skin is better able to absorb essential ingredients at night compared to daytime. So, your night cream really works as your skin absorbs all the beneficial ingredients from it.

When Should We Apply Night Cream?
Research has shown that your skin repair process takes place late at night. So, the ideal time to apply night cream would be right before going to bed.


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