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5 compelling reasons to switch to sulphate-free shower gels!

Sure you step into your shower for a clean shower sesh, but how CLEAN is it, really? We surely can’t do without that almost paradise-like shower routine everyday with our favourite bath & body products, but do we really know what we’re actually feeding our skin?

To get you familiar, sulphates are chemical ingredients that have been used in personal care products for donkey’s years. They do a great job in cleansing your body, but certainly do more harm than good. Due to their toxicity, sulphates almost got themselves listed as a carcinogen, but soon found their way out of this myth. But this does not get them rid of wreaking havoc on your skin!

We know what you’re thinking — what even is the deal with sulphates and why are they causing a sudden stir? Well, you’ve come to the right spot to get an answer to all questions. Hang loose while we walk you through all the must-knows about sulphates (they will have you shook!), bust some misconceptions and tell you why no-nasties, sulphate-free shower gels are the new #Bougie!

It’s never too late to know about sulphate(s)!
So what are they and why are they used in bath & body products?
We couldn’t make it simpler, sulphates are surfactants, responsible for washing off the muck from your body. “Sulphates” is a broader term for Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (or SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), the former being a more aggressive surfactant and the latter, a much milder one, and often not harmful. 

Why should I say bye-bye to products with sulphates? Can a body wash without sulphates get rid of the grime on my body?
Surfactants are what make your shower gel and shampoo lather, and sulphates, being harsh surfactants tend to create thicker lather, as opposed to safer alternatives. While that massive pile of thick foam and squeaky clean feeling due to the presence of sulphates may feel satisfying, sulphate-free products are as effective where getting rid of germs and dirt is concerned. Shower gels with sulphates can be too effective in their cleansing action, hence their daily application has proven to cause skin degradation and dehydration. A product with milder, non-irritant surfactants will do its job just fine, leaving your skin rejuvenated and moisturized!

Let’s burst some bubbles, shall we?
No, a thick froth is not a measure of your shower gel’s cleansing power! Formulas with sulphates just tend to create more lather due to their harsh action, giving a stronger impression of their quality. 

So here are 5 reasons you should switch to sulphate-free shower gels.

  1. To say “see you never” to irritation, redness and acne! :)
    Sulphates are chemicals that cause that extra itchy and dry feeling after a shower. Their action can also lead to redness and brittle skin, especially for all you sensitive skin folks! These chemical agents are known to clog pores, cause acne and also accumulate on your skin over a period of time. Sulphates also end up making your skin more oily, as the skin tends to compensate for the loss of its natural oils, leading to breakouts.

  2. To rescue your fab skin from feeling like a desert!
    You know that feeling where your skin has been deprived of all its moisture? Blame it on sulphates! Don’t let that bod feel parched after a shower. Due to their harsh action, sulphates strip your skin of its natural, healthy oils and proteins, making your skin age faster! (SMH?) A sulphate-free body wash will help you remove dirt, retain your natural oils, and get rid of only the excess oil on your skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth. This is what makes them the best shower gels for dry skin

  3. To make you thick-skinned — quite literally! ;)
    The primary function of skin is to act as a barrier. Harsh chemicals like sulphates affect the natural pH balance of the skin, in turn, disrupting its most basic function. Sulphate-free body washes help restore your skin’s pH balance to a level that it needs to serve as a protective wall. 

  4. To keep your showers clean, yet so much fun! #ShowerGelGoals
    We said sulphate-free, not lather-free! (Because who doesn’t love some lather, right?) Though foam formation is not as gigantic as that in body washes with sulphates, sulphate-free formulas still produce a considerable amount of lather, which is sure to get you singin’ in the shower! (Yes, they are truly the best shower gels!

  5. To be good not only to yourself, but also the World around you
    Sulphate containing shower gels are not only harmful for your body, but also for the environment, when the chemicals go down your drain. Petroleum and palm oil are the major two sources of sulphates, which are both extremely detrimental to the environment. Personal care products with sulphates are also tested on animals, to measure their extent of irritation on human skin, eyes and lungs.

Well we say, they slay!

These reasons are primarily why Plum BodyLovin’ is completely sulphate-free and why you too, should switch to sulphate-free showers gels — you owe it to your skin and the world around you — so here’s hoping you do! Other nasties which should not be lurking in your bath are parabens, phthalates and silicones, so watch out for them while you pick out your next body wash! (P.S. There’s more on that later!) :)

Check out our collection of best smelling sulphate-free shower gels, available in super fun and yummy variants — we promise, your skin will thank you! 

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