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How to smell amazing all day: Hacks to make your fragrance last longer

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Servin’ somethin’ that’ll finally make “scents”! ;)

Of course we all have our ride-or-die signature fragrances that we refuse to start our days without...but isn’t it quite the bummer when the fragrance chooses to fade away almost by lunchtime? *eyeroll* Maintaining a particular scent and smelling good all day is high up on our lists and can seem like a task, but trust us, it really isn’t one. A good fragrance is an invisible pleasure, right from being a style statement, to instantly zhuzhing up your mood—so, imagine how your day could get even better if your fav fragrance stayed on longer than it normally would.

Speaking of fragrances, it is also important to understand what fragrance notes are. Fragrance notes are essentially the layers that blend together to create a fragrance; namely top notes, heart/middle notes and base notes, which are all equally crucial in constituting the final scent.
- Top notes: The first fragrance you smell on application, generally the lightest of all notes & the fastest to fade away
- Heart/middle notes: The heart & foundation of the fragrance, noticeable after 15 minutes and last longer than top notes
- Base notes: The strong scent that lingers for the longest & creates the final, long-lasting fragrance

We now have our basics clear, babe. Let’s dive into some super-easy hacks to make your fragrance last longer and help you smell amazing ALL. DAY. LONG.

Don’t forget to take “notes”! Pun absolutely intended :D

#1 De-odorize, peeps!
It really is very important to have something that keeps you odor-free by eliminating bad underarm smell, so you don’t have to worry about the stinkies! :) Another lil tip, stick to deodorants that have similar notes as your body mist or perfume, because very often, two clashing fragrances make an odd combo, and layering up fragrances of the same notes is always a good idea.

#2 Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.
Always moisturize. Fragrances stick around longer on hydrated & supple skin, so make sure you prep well before you get spritzin’. We suggest applying a body oil or body lotion that has the same fragrance (or similar notes) as your perfume/body mist, that’ll help lock the fragrance in.

#3 Know your magic spots: This one’s a clear winner!
Apply your body mist/perfume to your pulse points. As these areas naturally radiate heat, it will help diffuse the fragrance across your body. Pulse points are on your wrists, on the inside your elbows, on your neck, ankles and so on.
Pro-tip: Dab some body oil onto your pulse points before applying the fragrance—it'll hold the scent better & amp up the longevity.

#4 No matter what, DON’T rub!
Let’s get clearin’ the air, shall we? We know a lot of you love rubbin’ your wrists together after spraying on your fragrance, but this action causes friction, which forces the scent to disappear faster, and your fragrance won’t last as long.

#5 Layer it up
The Art: You. The Artist: Fragrance layering.
What happens when we layer one specific fragrance, using different product formats? WE ENHANCE THE INTENSITY! Bathe with a scented body wash & apply a deodorant and moisturizer of the same fragrance & top it up by spritzing on a body mist/perfume. 

#6 Scented wardrobe
A super-cute and effective way to add a touch of your fav fragrance to your clothes! Get spritzin’ inside your wardrobe, or line your drawers with tissue paper and spray them with mist/perfume. It’ll make your clothes smell amazing, as fabrics are able to hold scents for a long time.

#7: Spritz yourself, not the air!
Bustin’ yet another myth! Don’t spray your fragrance in the air and walk through it. As cool it may seem, the fragrance actually tends to evaporate faster, so you’re just wasting a lot of product. Spritz the fragrance directly on your skin/clothes instead.

#8 Store it right
Did you know, there is a right and wrong way to store your fragrance products? Heat, light & humidity tend to break down the fragrance, and degrade its quality & intensity. To make your fragrances last longer, stop storing them in warm & damp places like your bathroom or in spots that get too much sunlight. 

Have fun experimentin’ with these quick tips, and get ready to be the scent-er of attention! ♥
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