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Body Odor & Sweat: Decoded

Body Odor & Sweat: Decoded

Let’s talk about smelly underarms, babe?

Sweat? Cool. Body odor? Not cool.
Know that nasty whiff of stinky armpits that makes your nose scrunch up? (you cringed just at the thought of it, didn’t you?) Body odor causes uncomfortable situations, whether when you’re out for brunch with the girls on a hot summer day, sitting for an interview, chilling on a dinner date or hitting the gym! Let’s be real, we’ve all been there. And in case you believed the hype, sweating doesn’t contribute much to that unpleasant underarm smell.

Mind blown?

Let’s talk about (p)it! ;)

Don’t Sweat It!
What is sweat? Why do you have body odor.. and how can you get rid of it?

#FactsFirst: Sweat is 99% water, 1% body toxins.
Sweating is normal. As normal as singing in the shower—everybody does it. Sweating is cool—quite literally—it’s how your body cools down & detoxifies! When your body temperature rises, sweating helps keep your body at an optimum temperature. It is a bodily function that you shouldn't fret over, because it is NOT sweat that actually smells. Yup, sweat is odorless; it is the bacteria that are hangin’ out in your underarms which interact with sweat to release stinkies. And that’s what body odor is.

Your battle to tackle odor should be with these teeny-weeny odor-causing bacteria and to completely get rid of smelly underarms, you need something to eliminate them. So, look for aluminium-free deodorants that do just that; not antiperspirants that stop you from sweating.

Armpits are also not as exposed to sunlight and air, as your other body parts are, making it an ideal condition to invite smelly bacteria. Hence, it is imperative to follow an underarm-care regime to a T—but let’s save that conversation for another day!

Antiperspirants vs. Deodorants
And why you should steer clear of aluminium & baking soda.

Antiperspirants Deodorants
As the name suggests, these stop you from perspiring. The aluminium present in them blocks sweat glands so you don't sweat as much, as a result of which your body can overheat. Conventional antiperspirants usually also contain baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), the infamous skin irritant that reduces odor, but tends to leave a white residue, leading to toxic build-up. Aluminium-free underarm deodorants, like our de-odorizing pit creams, de-odor-ize your armpits by eliminating odor, instead of masking it or blocking sweat. Their mechanism is designed to get rid of underarm smell by neutralizing the bacteria that feast on your sweat! Aluminium and baking soda being off the ingredient list lets your body sweat naturally, not clogging pores or giving you dark/ itchy underarms. Another plus? No toxic build-up.

In a nutshell, you need something that is free of these nasties so your underarms can breathe, while being absolutely odor-free :)

When & how should underarm deodorants be used?
Underarm deodorant creams should ideally be applied to clean and dry armpits, right when you’ve hopped out of a shower. Here are the steps to follow to bid goodbye to underarm smell with our deodorants creams:
1. Scoop out a pea-sized amount with the spatula
2. Apply the product on your pits
3. Gently massage & let the texture melt in!
Voilà—odor-free, clean & fresh smelling underarms for 12+ hours!

Our 2 “scents”
1. Look out for deos that work FOR your armpits, not against them

So, take care of your pits and don’t mask odor when you can easily eliminate it. Say adios to evil-smelling underarms and get ready to #StopTheStink! Okay for real, go give your armpits some majorrrrr lovin’, because when was the last time you really did? ❤

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