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Frizz during monsoon? here’s what you can do :


When it rains it's almost as if it drains the nourishment out of your hair. We have got expert ways to tame that frizz (you don't have to look like a lioness throughout the monsoon season)

Humidity is the root cause for bringing out the dryness and frizz. The moisture in the air dampens the hair strands that swells the cuticle and that makes your hair look dry, unruly and unmanageable. Hence its important to take good care of your hair and bestow them with right hair care 

The big no-nos during monsoon:

  • As much as you love the weather and would like to shower in that love, we suggest not to wet your hair directly in the rain. We experience acid rains and also the rain water will tend to strip the moisture away.
  • Frequent hair washes should be avoided to avoid opening the way to frizz.
  • Avoid treating your hair with harsh chemicals they add to the frizz.
  • The last thing you want to avoid is blow drying your hair. The heat will double up your frizz. 

The right way to take care of your hair in monsoon:

  • It's important to cleanse your scalp to wash off the dirt, sweaty scalp and pollutants that may have settled on your scalp during rains. Using a mild shampoo that will delicately rinse away the impurities while adding extra nourishment is cherry on top. Our recommendation: try using our all new Avocado Shampoo. This is one of the best ways to tame frizz naturally that too at the comfort of your home. 
  • Do apply a conditioner every time you wash your hair. Fun fact : Avocados are best to tame frizz so why not pick the Avocado Conditioner to make sure you have oh-so-dreamy soft hair all year long (why just blame monsoon for frizzy hair, some hair problems are all year long)
  • Masking weekly: Apply a hair mask to deeply condition your hair. (Schedule a weekly appointment with Avocado Hair Mask)
  • Serum is a must to lock in all the moisture and nourishment. Serums are the best way to treat hair frizz that appears after washing.

Forever frizz-free

For all the cuties who are now thinking of living a forever frizz-free life (not just monsoon period limited). We have curated a avocado loaded haircare range which includes a Avocado Soft Cleanse Shampoo, Avocado Smoothin' It Conditioner, Avocado Frizz-Control Hair Serum and already a favorite among plumsters the Avocado Nourish-Up Hair Mask. This range is carefully formulated with avocado oil which deeply conditions, shea butter to prevent hair breakage, argan oil to say bye bye to split ends and reduce the roughness , almond oil to strengthen the hair strands. It also has olive oil: the conditioning agent brimming with antioxidants and jojoba oil which moisturises the strands and strengthens hair. We have got the power of some of the best oils and ingredients. 

This range will make sure you will fall in love at the first application <3


Hair Care - Avocado


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