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Pro-skin, or anti-ageing? The basics of caring for ageing skin

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Hello lovelies! Time flies, and with that we change, too - and mostly for the better. Ageing does, however, bring some skin care challenges with it. The good news is that age-related skin problems can be delayed, and in many cases, prevented, by taking good care of one's skin. Let's learn the basics of skin care to keep ageing skin in ship shape!

The problem: Dry skin 

Chief cause: Sebaceous glands (the same ones that give us oily skin in our teens) die out as age advances. With less of a lipid layer, ageing skin tends to dry out faster.

Skincare solutions: Using good moisturizing creams and lotions helps maintain the skin's moisture levels. Choose moisturizers that are rich in natural moisturizing factors like hyaluronic acid, and natural butters like shea and cocoa.

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The problem: Loose, sagging, wrinkled skin

Chief cause: While there are many causes for this, one easily preventable cause is sun (UV) exposure. UV light is known to damage skin structure and make it prone to "loosening up".

Skincare solutions: Wearing adequate sun protection is a must - the earlier you start, the better. And it's never too late to start, either. Antioxidant-rich skin care products (e.g., green tea, white tea, Vit C, Vit E) also help the skin fend off damage from UV and other aggressors.

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 The problem: Spots on skin (age spots)

Chief cause: Melanin (skin pigment) deposition in concentrated areas, chiefly due to sun exposure

Skincare solutions: Besides wearing sunscreens, there are natural sources of melanin deposition inhibitors that are proving to be effective in slowing down build up of melanin, especially around the eyes

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The problem: Dull, lifeless skin

Chief cause: Reduction in cell renewal - fewer old cells dying out, and being replaced by new ones

Skincare solutions: Using AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) like lactic acid and glycolic acid is a known way to help weed out dead cells, and increase the rate of skin renewal. There are also botanical actives (like stem cells) being developed that help do this - naturally and safely.

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The problem: Dark circles

Chief cause: Melanin deposition is one cause. But with age, our skin loses collagen, which makes skin more transparent, revealing the blood vessels underneath.

Skincare solutions: While melanin deposition can be addressed as seen earlier, skin thinning out is a permanent change that cannot be easily reversed. Nature does have its way!

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So here's our take on "anti-ageing": while changes are inevitable, we can keep our skin in good shape if we follow basic skin care discipline backed by nature, and some "good" science!

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