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5 common acne myths and truths

acne myths and truths

By now, we know how acne formation occurs. But can we do something about acne, or not? Are alcohol-based products really great for acne and oil control?

Read on as we bring you 5 common acne myths and the truths about them.

Myth #1: Acne Occurs Because You Don’t Wash Your Face Often Enough

not washing your face often: does it cause acne?

Truth: We recommend washing your face twice a day to ensure it is clean and free of dirt. But excessive cleansing beyond this can irritate skin and cause it to produce more sebum than usual. This sebum then reacts with other compounds in the environment, blocks pores, irritates skin and causes more acne. So, washing twice a day and using a makeup remover when required is good enough for keeping the skin clean.

Myth #2: Alcohol-Based Products Are Great For Oil Control and Acne Combat

are alcohol-based products always great options for oil control and acne combat?


  • Alcohol-based products can kill surface bacteria that can cause acne.
  • They can remove oil from the skin and give it a nice dry, clean feel.
  • But alcohols such as ethanol are too strong on the skin, may take away too much oil and moisture from it and dry it up in the long run.

We recommend going for milder acne-combating ingredients instead of alcohols. In fact we recommend avoiding alcohol-based products altogether and going for alcohol-free alternatives.

Myth #3: Junk food worsens your acne

does consuming junk food worsen acne?

Truth: Chocolate and fried foods are often believed to be the common culprits for those who suffer from acne. However, junk food is seen to have little or no correlation with breakouts. In reality, it is certain foods with a high glycemic index—such as processed foods and dairy products—that are seen to aggravate acne. Therefore, think twice before you blame all the fatty and fried foods for your acne. Foods with a high glycemic index are those which raise blood sugar levels rapidly after consumption. 

Myth #4: There is Nothing You Can Do about Acne 

there's a lot you can do about acne

Truth: Don't fall for this one! There is a lot you can do about acne! Acne is usually traced back to inflamed, irritated skin. The causes for this can be many- naturally oily skin, hormonal changes (during the onset of puberty as well as later in life), products which don't cleanse your face effectively of dirt and many others. Once you get a handle on what is causing the acne, you can take the right steps to keep the acne under control. 

We recommend:

  • Following a regular skincare routine that includes CTMP (cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect) and regular exfoliation.
  • Including products with ingredients that safely and effectively combat oil and acne.
  • Consulting a dermatologist if your acne is persistent and not responding to C-T-M products and other treatments.
  • Researching real possible causes for acne (don't blindly believe myths which are not based on plausible logic).

Myth #5: People with acne prone skin should avoid exfoliation

should people with acne prone skin avoid exfoliation?

Truth: Not true. Exfoliation is great for removing surface impurities, dead cells and even excess oil! It also cleans up and brightens up the skin. One must simply make sure they don't overdo this.You can use a mild scrub 3-4 times a week and a clay-based mask 1-2 times a week. Exfoliation also helps with acne control as it keeps the skin clean. Make sure you use the right type of products for your skin type.

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