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Vitamin E: The Secret for Healthy & Glowing Skin

Out of the hundreds of different ingredients and nutrients present in skincare products, vitamin E is one of the most common due to its several benefits for our skin.

It is present in products like moisturizers, eye creams, face serums, face masks, toners, and more. Vitamin E is naturally present in our body that maintains healthy and glowing skin. But there can be a lack of it due to lifestyle choices and hence many products include this essential ingredient. It can also be taken in the form of a supplement.

This article though will cover how it is beneficial when applied through topical products. Before we dive into the benefits, let’s understand this nutrient and why it is so important for your skin.

What is Vitamin E?

Well yes, it is of course a vitamin. But to understand it a bit better Vitamin E is a group of oil-soluble antioxidants.

Among the many different types of Vitamin E, the one that is known to be beneficial for human skin and is the only one recognized by the National Institute of Health is ‘tocopherol.’

So if you see the word ‘tocopherol’ in the list of ingredients on your skincare products, it is vitamin E.

Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin

1. Proven to prevent dryness and maintain your skin’s moisture
2. Protects our bodies from toxins and carcinogens such as mercury, lead ozone, and nitrous oxide.
3. Beneficial to protect your skin if you happen to be in a condition where you are facing a lot of sun exposure.
4. Removes free radicals from your skin.
5. Heals your skin by supporting your skin barrier function.
6. Capable of soothing the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

    FUN FACT: Vitamin C & E when used together support each other’s antioxidant function which helps in limiting damage to your skin cell.

    Should You Use Vitamin E on Your Skin? 

    If you happen to have oily and acne-prone skin, then vitamin E is usually not advisable.

    Most people should not have any problems with this nutrient as it is one that naturally occurs in our body. Although, there are rare cases where some people have had an abnormal reaction to it causing redness or itchy skin.

    Surprisingly, it has also been shown to relieve eczema which is a condition where you have itchy skin.

    So it all depends on the type and sensitivity of your skin. Do consult a dermatologist if you’re not sure or if you happen to see that it’s causing itchiness.

    Products for Your Skin with Vitamin E

    Frost Mask 

    This frost mask is an excellent choice to keep skin supple and smooth. Rich in vitamin E, it hydrates your skin from within and soothes it with its anti-inflammatory properties.

    E-Luminence So-Smooth Frost Face Mask is suitable for normal to dry skin and will keep your skin hydrated and give a bouncy feel.

    Cleansing Balm 

    Cleansing balms do the perfect job of removing dirt without letting your skin feel dry. Enriched with Vitamin E, its calm cleansing formula moisturizes your skin while getting rid of the impurities after a long day.

    An added benefit of this particular cleansing balm is that it doubles up as a waterproof makeup remover.

    Face Serum 

    This face serum from e-luminence range is quick-absorbing and has a non-stick formula. It contains vitamin E with 13 other natural ingredients that provide intense hydration.

    Toning Water 

    An alcohol-free toner that nourishes and soothes flaky skin. The power of vitamin E nourishes and maintains the skin’s pH level to give it a healthy glow.


    Can this balm be used daily as a regular face wash in the morning and night?

    We recommend using twice a day as the “C” in your C-T-M regime. Massage balm over dry skin using fingertips, to melt out dirt and grime. Rinse well, preferably with warm water. Pat dry. 

    In winters my skin becomes extremely dry. In summers I've combination acne-prone skin. Can I use it in winter? 

    If your skin is acne-prone then we would recommend using Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner and only during winters when your skin is very dry you can use E-luminence Nourishing Toning Water.


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