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Is your skin winter-ready?

Winter is my favourite season (in India, that is). Nice weather, warm smiles, hot tea, fresh food…a long list of things to look forward to. But one thing that we're all worried about, is how dry our skin tends to get in the winter months. We look around for all manner of moisturizers and remedies to bring back that healthy glow on our face. By following some simple everyday tips, we can make sure that our skin remains healthy and happy, even during winters. So ladies, presenting our simple to-do list for happy winter skin!


Exfoliate your skin

Dead cells in your skin would not let your favourite moisturizer penetrate your skin properly. A mild scrub or a mask to exfoliate your skin is a must-have part of your regimen, particularly in winter. This would exfoliate your skin and regenerate your skin. This also improves discoloration which is a bane in the winters. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you to read our defining piece of exfoliation here.

Stay hydrated

Okay I agree! This was not a genius’ guess. The reason it’s here, though, is that we tend to ignore this in the winters, when the body doesn’t get thirsty as much as in the summers. You need to put enough water in your body to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Watch your daily consumption of water (2-3 litres everyday) to ensure you are getting enough. And: are you huge on coffee? Try decaffeinated coffee instead. And go easy on alcohol.

SPF in winters? Yes!

Are you one of those smart girls who do not wear sunscreen because it’s not sunny outside? Remember the UV rays are still out there! Wear a light SPF and protect your skin from UV rays that not only darken skin but also hasten its ageing!

Reduce inflammation with face masks

Sunday morning? A cup of hot coffee and you relaxing in your arm chair with your favourite magazine! I know you like this scene. How about relaxing your skin as well? Get rid of stress and skin inflammation and use a natural clay mask to rejuvenate your skin. Remember to moisturize your skin after using the mask. Masks are great for cleansing your face and bringing back the glow to your skin.

Serums or moisturizers?

Last but not the least, if you have really dry skin, try a serum instead of a moisturizer because serums are known to penetrate deeper into the skin, which would be nice in the colder months. If you have normal or combination skin that is only a little dry in the winters, you really don’t need to break the bank to buy serums. A good natural moisturizer would work just perfect.

Bonus tip

Try and include oils like almond and sesame in your bath. Oiling before a shower will make sure your skin gets more ability to retain moisture. And as a general rule, try and use natural products that do not harm your skin! Be good to your skin, be good to yourself.

Happy winters!

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