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Best nighttime skincare routine

After retiring from a chaotic life we all steal a little ‘me time’ before bedtime. That ‘me time’ is best put to use with a little pamper sesh to help your skin do all the restorative work during your beauty sleep. However, it's best to have a chalked out plan to assist this restorative campaign with minimal beauty skincare products without caking your face with all the products from your beauty basket.

Why is PM the best time for skincare?

Skincare routine (that suits your skin and lifestyle) followed religiously during AM/ PM always reaps the best benefits. Night skin care routine helps the products work more efficiently because there are no: 

Why sequencing matters

Whether you are a minimalist with just a handful of products to create a skincare regime or a hoarder it's important to sequence your PM skincare routine as this is the treatment time for your skincare. It's also important to listen to your skin and understand the topical issues that your skin might be undergoing for you to arrive at this.  If you think you had a sun exposed day, it's best advised to get anti tan masks or if you feel you have loaded your skin with makeup it's best to resort to a cleansing balm. Each skincare product is formulated with ingredients that when applied in the right order will penetrate your skin and even remove the impurities that you want out of your skin. The best skincare routine is the one where you listen to your skin and use the right products in the right sequence.

Step it up (Skincare steps for the pm)

Step 1: Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse: This one is definitely a non-skippable step and it will ensure that you cleanse away all dirt, dust, and grime that your skin was exposed to. It's important to be gentle on your skin and use a gentle cleanser that doesn't disrupt your skin’s microbiome (read cause: irritation). If you have makeup heavy skin its best to double cleanse. Have you checked our E-luminence Cleansing Balm? It literally melts your makeup away to give you that squeaky clean feel. 

Step 2: Tone it up: Toner will help you balance your skin’s pH levels. While choosing your toners it's important to choose the one that is alcohol free, non drying and enriched with antioxidants that will also be able to help your skin feel hydrated. When to use a toner?

We suggest everytime you wash your face, it's best followed by a toner.

We have a range of toners that are packed with green tea extracts (for oily, acne prone skin), Vitamin E (for dry skin cuties)  and fortified with B3 (for normal, combination skin). Explore and find the one best suited for your skin. 

Step 3 : Soothing serums : Applying serums is the best way to deal with rigid skin issues as serums are nutrient dense treatments that help fight specific issues and maintain a healthy looking skin. We would suggest applying concentrated serums that offer a variety of benefits right from neutralising sun damage, to delivering a radiant complexion or keep your skin glowing. Have you tried our glow buddy yet?

Plum’s all new 15% Vitamin C face serum with Mandarin comes in a dark bottle filled with goodness of the most stable form of vitamin C i.e Ethyl Ascorbic Acid and gives your skin a healthy looking glow. This all-rounder stands as a protective layer to protect your skin from sun damage and free radicals and will deliver a bulk of active ingredients while penetrating deep into your skin.

Step 4 : Treat it: You need to apply spot treatment gels in those places where you have active acne.

Step 5: Snooze for the night with moisturiser / night gel : You can end the routine with a calm, soothing moisturiser that makes sure you have no greasy mornings. Our all time award winning Green tea Night Gel is filled with goodness of argan oil for hydration, green tea to combat acne and Goji berry & ginkgo biloba fight free radicals. Its lightweight formula will put you off to snooze and you will wake up to happy, supple skin. 

We have saved some of the best skincare products for the night. Time to stock up!

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