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Here's how you can soothe out your stressed skin

“It's all written on your face?” Say what? Dorning multiple colors and forms, mental and physical stress can easily show up on your face and if it has found a permanent home there we will help you show him the way out!

How does stress show up on your face (AND WHY GOD WHY?)

Under any stressful situation your body produces more cortisol and this signals your body to produce more oil and we all know who is the favorite partner in crime there! Acne. Another important factor is a lack of a good night’s sleep. Sleep is the time when the skin is doing all the restorative work and lack of the same results in acne, dark circles, fine lines and puffiness under eyes.

(One pro tip : Make our Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel your bedtime bestie : it will ensure you have generously hydrated, soft, supple skin and keep grime away!)

Stress may also trigger releasing histamine which may lead to developing stressed skin rash, itching, redness and burning skin. Skin will also react to stress at occasions when you are dehydrated which is more often the case in stressful situations

Steps to soothe stressed skin 

Firstly, towards skin ( and a lot more other things in life) : Be Kind

  • Start with using a gentle cleansing lotion that has calming properties. (Hello Aloe cutie is just that).
  • Then exfoliate with a gentle scrub that will help you remove the grime or oil. This will effectively cleanse your skin without aggravating any acne.
  • For a skin that needs a massive skin rescue, you can even have a face mask sesh! This will help you with stressed skin and even midweek blues!

  • Follow up with a hydrating toner and moisturizer. Look for skincare products with natural ingredients rather than chemicals for the same. Green tea and chamomile are excellent ingredients for stressed skin.

Don't forget to apply balms to soften chapped lips (do you always forget them as a part of your skin?). Have you checked out our candy melt lip balms? They are loaded with delicious flavours and packed with nourishing ingredients that will let you never have a monotonous day (they come in 4 lip smacking natural tints that even have UV protection)

And lastly but most essentially its important to stay hydrated and get a good night’s sleep to get a beaming, healthy looking skin. Skin’s best repair work will be done best when you snooze and give your body a min 7-9 hour quality sleep. Water will ensure to flush out all toxins, maintain skin’s elasticity, and unclog your pores, maintain pH balance and prevent acne. (Now we have given you enough reasons to get up and get that glass of water!)