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The Bulgarian Valley Rose Water Toner isn’t your ‘ordinary’ toner!

 Plum Bulgarian Valley Rose Water Toner

It’s time to rise (read: rose) and shine! <3

While rose water is a new discovery in the west, it has been a part of the eastern beauty world for a long time. It is a part of a zillion beauty products for a very obvious reason: it is one of the best natural ingredients for your skin. Most brands have their take on rose water, some use it in a moisturizing cream, while some use it as a face mist.

You all know that we at Plum take skin science seriously. So, the perfect blend of science and nature has made our rose water toner, the best toner one can imagine. We promise you it’s not your ordinary rose water ;)

Here’s why!

Rose Water Toner: The Plum Way

 Plum Bulgarian Valley Rose Water Toner

Starting with all the goodness inside <3

Rose extracts: Since we want only the best for you, we went all the way to Bulgarian Valley to get the most exotic roses to use in our little Plum. This timeless beauty ingredient will nourish & soothe your skin. If you have any inflammation, rose extracts will help calm your skin.

Hyaluronic acid: It is a humectant, originally found within the deeper layers of the skin. It maintains the moisture & provides hydration to the skin. However, when topically applied to the skin it tends to make your skin plump, firm & super hydrated.

Witch hazel: As the name suggests, this witchy ingredient will scare away all your acne, cysts (inflammatory & non-inflammatory). It has actives that reduce acne-marks, dark spots, treat sunburns, and calms down the skin.

Calendula extracts: These are natural oil extracts from our very own marigold flower. They have anti-inflammatory properties & anti-bacterial properties which are beneficial for treating acne & other skin conditions.

Glycerin: We all know glycerin as an ingredient that helps us get rid of dry skin. What the majority of us don't know is that glycerin is a humectant (a substance that retains or preserves moisture) which seals the moisture in your skin and keeps it hydrated & soft.

Given a variety of ingredients that have been used in the making of Bulgarian Valley Rose Water Toner, we have something amazing for every skin type!

When to use it?

This rose water toner makes up for the ‘T’ in your ‘CTM’ routine. 

It can be a part of your morning skincare routine as well as your night skincare routine. Some people use it as a face mist for instant refreshment. We recommend our Bulgarian Valley Rose Water toner to be used right after you cleanse your face. As it has hyaluronic acid, glycerin, witch hazel, and calendula extracts as well, it will instantly make your skin plump and tighten your pores leaving behind a soothing sensation. Follow with a serum or moisturizer.

Okay hang on, we can read your mind!


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