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The Magical Concoctions called Serums

The Magical Concoctions called Serums


A potent promise of healthier and supple skin, serums are the (not so) secret weapons that have revolutionized skin care. Serums are a brew of active ingredients that may be formulated as a gel or oil, but are thinner than moisturizers, which helps in easy penetration and absorption by the skin.

They can tackle several skin conditions, provide the right dose of nourishment and increase the efficacy of other products in use, all at a faster rate than the rest of the products.

So how does one ideally incorporate a serum in their skin care regime?

It should be the third step in your routine, which is using it after cleansing and toning to make sure that the pores are devoid of any impurities and ready for some skin lovin’. As the next step, topping up the serum with a moisturizer is important to lock in the benefits.

During the morning routine you can further apply sunscreen and makeup post moisturization while during the night. following serum application with any treatment cream would be an ideal rejuvenating combo. However, the frequency of serum application should be considered after researching well about its potency and skin type suitability quotient.

Layering guide

The key to extracting maximum benefits is by choosing the right serum with the right ingredients that meet your skin goals.

For hydration: As it suggests, serums that can help in locking moisturization can work well for people with dry skin. However, this is a universal need (yes, even if you have oily skin). So, look out for hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid, ceramide, peptides and vitamin e in your serums

To fight ageing: The skin goal that turned serums into a buzzword. The right actives can help in combating fine lines, wrinkles and even help in boosting collagen production. Retinol, caffeine, green tea, hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, kojic acid are a few to consider in your serums that can strengthen aging skin.

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To combat sun damage: Uneven skin tone can be a bummer so the ones looking for serums to reduce dark spots, pigmentation and brighten skin should consider candidates like vitamin c which is a great protector against sun damage, glycolic acid given its exfoliating properties, and others like L-ascorbic acid and niacinamide.

To clear up acne: Acne and its stubborn marks can be a confidence crusher for many. But getting rid of it is easier if you use the right serums that are enriched in AHAs and BHAs which act as exfoliants to clear out your pores. Other ingredients like green tea, salicylic acid, zinc and glycolic acid are a blessing too.

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To brighten-up: Serums can be an instant as well as an everlasting source of glow boost. The ones rich in vitamin c, vitamin e, kojic acid, resveratrol, licorice, also help in nourishing, moisturizing and fighting pigmentation at the same time.

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But the most important question one needs to ponder upon is whether all combinations of moisturizers and serums are suitable for the skin.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to consider:

 Skincare dos and donts

Plum Tip: Need to use these together? Split them between AM & PM or juggle with them on different days.

While the sheer number of skin care how-tos can be overwhelming, breaking down your regime according to your skin type & conditions, and experimenting to find the right solution will help in introducing a method to the madness.

But most importantly if you don’t know what works, don’t complicate it. Take it one drop and one day at a time <3

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