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Hilarious GIF responses to body shaming that you NEED to start using - Part 1

What's the one way we could have all been billionaires?
If we got a dollar for every time someone body shamed us.

It's time we changed that because well, our bodies are meant to be loved, and body shamers? They're meant to be responded to with... fun GIFs! 

Presenting some of the most famous lines that have been directed at us with the most appropriate GIF responses: 

1)You’re so brave for wearing this body hugging dress.

Yes, give me a medal of valor already?

2) Hey, all you need is a pack of turmeric, curd & flour. You'll be fairer in no time!


Wanting to remain dark & lovely, is a "fair" ask, no?  

3) Be careful, it's windy outside. You're so thin, you might start floating in the air haha

Well, that sounds like fun!

4) You have such a pretty face.... for your size

I have a pretty face..... period. 

5) Hey giraffe, how's the weather up there?

Let's just say... it's moist!

6) You just fell "short" by a few inches...

Let's just say... I'm super down to earth? :)

7) There's this new concept you might want to google. It's called... exercising?

I'm exercising.... my right to not listen to you any further! :D


And if you ever forget how insanely fabulous you are...this GIF is EXACTLY what you are :)


 That's it folks! Stay tuned for part 2, keep BodyLovin' & don't forget to #LoveEveryInch :)


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