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7 Things That Don’t Belong in Your Haircare Products

7 things that don't belong in your haircare products

Most of us have very busy, and very active lifestyles, and the results of that don’t just reflect on our skin, but on our hair as well. Every day, our hair collects a lot of dust and sweat as a result of our daily schedules. Oftentimes, heat-related styling and chemical treatments (like bleaching and colouring) can also cause serious damage to our hair. Which is why, it is extremely important that we choose the right products to look after our hair. Most of the haircare products in the market, contain ingredients that show fast results (and are usually laden with heavy fragrances) so we assume that they’re good for our hair. In reality, these products are full of ingredients that may seem good initially, but can cause serious hair damage in the longer run.

At Plum, we kept this in mind while designing our hair care products, which is how our policy of “7-Free” was born. By 7-Free, we mean that all our haircare products are free of the 7 most damaging chemicals that are generally found in most other products that are meant to repair your hair. Instead, we vow to lead you towards a life of healthy hair using natural, plant-based ingredients.

Want to know what those 7 damaging chemicals are? Here’s all the information you need:


Sulphates are present in most shampoos, for the sole purpose that much like detergents, they help create the excess lather that helps to really clean your hair (or so you believe). In reality, sulphates can be extremely harmful, especially for chemically treated and damaged hair, because they strip our hair off its much-needed natural oils. Sounds like a big no-no to us.


Silicones are most commonly found in conditioners, but they tend to make an appearance in shampoos, serums, and even hair oils. The reason this is one very common element is because of the seemingly instant results it displays, like how it acts like an anti-frizz element by adding a coating on your hair, or how it creates the illusion of adding volume. In reality, though, silicones tend to not let your hair breathe naturally which steals away its natural shine. Would you really want your hair to suffocate for the sake of a few instant results? 


Alcohol is the most spoken about element of hair care products, mostly because people are constantly debating about its few benefits and many harms. But mostly, it’s a good idea to have alcohol-free hair care products because it can dry up your hair and leave it feeling brittle.


Parabens are one of the worst elements found in beauty products, because there are too many negative properties for it to be any good for you. Mainly, parabens are considered to be carcinogenic, aka cancer-causing agents, and externally, it is known to cause allergic reactions and exacerbate some skin conditions on your scalp. It's best to just stay miles away from them! 

This is another pretty common ingredient found in shampoos, conditioners and styling products, but it can be pretty bad for your hair because it causes irritation and breaks down healthy hair proteins.


Phthalates are a chemical group used in hundreds of plastic products (already a big red flag in our books). These chemicals are also found in hair products, but they’re extremely dangerous because they tend to interfere with reproductive and hormonal functions. We say, no haircare products are worth risking something so important!


Normally, zinc is added to hair care products because it is considered important to prevent hair loss. Yet, prolonged exposure to ZPT ends up being pretty bad for you, as it can cause irritation to your scalp.

These, among other harmful elements, are what we keep out of our haircare range, because we believe that the best way to let your hair shine…. Is naturally!

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