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Benefits of aloe vera in the world of beauty

What makes aloe vera a hero in the world of beauty?


Meet the lily of The desert

Whether you're a traditional magazine reader, or a millennial Instagram scroller, you’ve atleast come across one article on aloe vera benefits and properties. Contrary to the name this one’s actually not a cactus, it’s a member of the Lily Family. These fleshy leaves by your window go way beyond just a feel-good experience. If you’re wondering what the whole hype is about and why do we call it the most sought after ingredient, allow us to simplify it for you.

With over 75 potentially active constituents, aloe vera is called the master healer for it’s skin penetrating and cell regenerating abilities. Its unique bio composition and array of benefits makes it a suitable constituent for all skin types. Let us understand the whys and hows behind this.

Is aloe vera good for your face?

Absolutely, It has been used for centuries in a variety of ways. It is commonly marketed in the form of gel moisturizers and also makes an important ingredient in cleansers, face masks and DIY routines. It usually has no side effects and its umpteen advantages of aloe vera work great for sensitive skin too

Why is aloe vera gaining popularity in the skin care world?

The gel of aloe vera plant contains compounds rich in Vitamin A, C and E which are all potent antioxidants.  This means a much reduced free radical damage post hanging out in the sun. Along with this, 98% of aloe vera gel is water which makes it an excellent hydrator, and perfect lightweight moisturizer for all skin types. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property is exploited for keeping acne and skin breakouts at bay.

Does aloe help maintain mature skin?

Ageing skin is inevitable and shouldn’t be something to hide, unless it's your personal preference. It is natural, however maintaining a healthy skin care routine with the right ingredients can always help slow down the process and reduce the appearance of early ageing signs. Aloe vera extracts speed up replication of skin’s collagen producing cells thus improving skin’s elasticity and reducing wrinkled appearance

How can I incorporate aloe vera into my routine?

Products containing aloe vera are available in the market. You can check the label for “aloe barbadensis.” Aloe Vera containing face wash can be used in morning skincare routine while moisturizers and gels can be applied as the last step of your skincare routine for soothed & calm skin. 

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